Whisper Skins Book 2

Fox Love Press - If the trouble that put the farm on its knees in the first place doesn’t get in the way. At his sister’s unwelcome suggestion, he’s everything joe isn’t—calm, patient, and when Harry arrives, he rents his only bedroom to a bloke from the city, and gorgeous enough to be exactly the kind of distraction Joe doesn’t need.

Harry doesn’t have time for distractions either—even shirtless farmers riding bareback past his bedroom window—but his moody host proves impossible to ignore. Cornish horseman Joe Carter is lonely too. Rescuing horses and managing whisper Farm takes up most of his days, and by night he plays chicken with the farm’s perilous bank accounts.

Whisper Skins Book 2 - A full client list, a six figure instagram following, and a publishing deal for a book he doesn’t have time to write until his agent offers him a break—a retreat to the wild south west coast. Whisper a skins Novel Standalone second book in the Skins series. Lonely physiotherapist Harry Foster has the world at his feet.

On paper, they have nothing in common, but Joe is beautiful…glorious, and when an accident puts his life in Harry’s healing hands, the whisper of true love is inevitable.

Believe: A Skins Novel

Fox Love Press - They grow closer, but time isn’t on their side. He’s on a rare home visit when he encounters enigmatic Rhys in a London bar. Rhys seems unable to articulate how he feels, and with Jevon’s imminent departure from the UK hanging over them, their separate commitments could tear them apart forever. He has no idea how mesmerising he is—how beautiful—and Rhys resolves to show him.

. With a different face in his bed most nights, he doesn’t have time to be lonely…right? Entertainer Jevon Campbell is a play therapist like no other—dancer, magician, acrobat, he brings it all to his global mission to help children in need laugh again. Their connection is instant, but Rhys fast realises Jevon’s easy confidence doesn’t stretch as far as the bedroom.

Believe: A Skins Novel - Flight paramedic Rhys Foster is hooked on adrenaline. As the days slip by, rhys must learn to believe he’s worth the happiness Jevon is offering. By day it’s blood and guts, by night it’s the thrill of the club.


Fox Love Press - City boy isha is gorgeous, and when he starts to haunt Jude’s reptile shop as well as the hook-up app on his phone, he's a welcome distraction from Jude’s business problems. For a control freak like isha, but jude’s not in the market to be anyone’s queer crisis, letting Jude under his skin is an existential meltdown, not when he’s facing troubles of his own.

Unlocking their lives could push both men apart forever, but it might be a risk worth taking if sharing is the key to their happy future. Only isha’s ex-wife knows the secret that he’s kept caged for so long—that he’s queer too, and he’s lonely. Jude’s too chained to his work to notice what he’s missing by being terminally single, but a new face in the village soon catches his attention.

Jude - He’s proud of dom, but…it hurts to see him so free while Isha’s love life is still on lockdown. Isha has spent the last year watching his BFF get his happily-ever-after.

Dream Skins Book 1

Fox Love Press - At least visiting lovato’s offers respite from a life defined by illness; a glimmer of light in the dull grey of his so-called life without dance. Angelo’s mind is blown by this man, but the disease that ended his career won’t let him bask in new love. I can’t sleep… when unrequited love leaves Dylan Hart sleepless and nursing his wounds, instinct draws him to the one place he's found mindless respite in the past—Lovato’s.

But then he encounters dylan — a glorious ray of the brightest sunshine — who makes his heart pound once more with purpose. It should be a perfect escape, and for one magical night it seems that way, but then worlds collide, and reality bites when his hookup desperately needs a friend.60000 words. First in the electric new series from bestselling author Garrett Leigh.

Dream Skins Book 1 - He’s drowning, and Dylan can’t save him while insecurities swamp them both. If dylan can turn his back on the past, and Angelo can face his uncertain future, maybe they can chase their dreams together. Standalone. It’s a place for every fantasy — for crazy-hot encounters — where a night of insane NSA sex brings relief to Dylan’s fragile feelings.

The only way to make it means confronting their demons.


Fox Love Press - Cash is a car mechanic with a secret. They have more in common than they ever imagined, and Rae so tangled in the present, but with Cash haunted by the past, it’s not long before love isn’t enough to keep them alive. Cash is gorgeous, and the hottest hook up he’s ever had. He doesn’t expect to see him again, until a twist of fate lands him on Cash’s doorstep a few months later.

United by a cause that’s broken Cash before, they are drawn together. Head down, he hides from the past as much as his shattered heart, sleeves up, until a reluctant stumble into a Tottenham bar ends in the one night stand of his dreams. Hunt saboteur rae can’t believe his luck when he wakes up the next morning.

Upside Down

- His being asexual had seen the end of a lot of his romances, but he’s determined to stay true to himself. Gay, an introvert, socially awkward, librarian, geek, a nervous rambler, an outsider. Maybe hennessy can convince jordan that his world hasn’t been turned upside down at all, but maybe it’s now—for the first time in his life—the right way up.

The last thing he needs is one more. But when he realises adding the label asexual might explain a lot, it turns his world upside down. Hennessy lang moved to Surry Hills after splitting with his boyfriend. Leaving his north shore support group behind, he starts his own in Surry Hills, where he meets first-time-attendee Jordan.

Upside Down - A little bewildered and scared, but completely adorable, Hennessy is struck by this guy who’s trying to find where he belongs. Jordan o’neill isn’t a fan of labels, considering he has a few.


Fox Love Press - Locked into his rep as the meanest defender on the pitch, but love has no place in his sport, keeping his secret is soul-crushing, even if his soft heart craves it. Lucky coleman is on his knees when he meets a man with more money than sense. Losing lucky seems inevitable, but his tight grip on his image counts for nothing when Lucky starts to fall.

Catching him could cost dom everything, but if he can set his heart free, getting Lucky long term might be a risk worth taking. Dominic ramos is a Premiership football player with a secret. It’s a grindr hook-up for cash, but dreaming of his desperate, not a love match, kind eyes earns a place amongst his numerous bad habits.

Lucky - Meeting once was risky, twice pushes Dom’s courage to the limit. There are no trophies for being gay in his game.

Soul to Keep Rented Heart Book 2

Fox Love Press - Simple, right? until a chance meeting on the flight home alters the course of his so-called life forever. Ex-army medic marc ramsey is recovering from life-changing combat injuries while pulling nights as a trauma specialist at the local hospital. Standalone second book in the LAMBDA nominated Rented Heart series.

Recovering addict Jamie Yorke has returned to England from California. Keeping busy is a habit he can’t quit, but when Jamie—so wild and beautiful—bursts into his life, working himself into the ground isn’t as compelling as it used to be. Marc falls hard, but chaos lurks behind Jamie’s fragile facade.

Soul to Keep Rented Heart Book 2 - Both men have weathered many storms, but the path to the peace they deserve might prove the roughest ride yet. Matlock bath is a quiet place—he just needs to get there, keep his head down, and stay clean. With no home or family to speak of, he sticks a pin in a map and finds a small town in the Derbyshire Peak District.

He’s winning his battle against addiction, but another old foe is slowly consuming him.

Milo Finding Home Book 2

- How can it when milo always needs rescuing?From the bestselling author of the Mixed Messages series comes a story about a man who needs to write his own happily ever after. This is the second book in the Finding Home series, but it can be read as a standalone. Content warning: There are descriptions of domestic abuse in this book.

Niall, his big brother’s best friend, has been there for him that entire time. Once upon a time a brave knight rescued a young man. Unfortunately, he then spent the next few years bossing the young man around and treating him like a child. Milo has been burying himself at chi an Mor, hiding from the wreckage of his once promising career and running from a bad relationship that destroyed what little confidence he had.

Milo Finding Home Book 2 - But it can never work. An arrogant and funny man, niall couldn’t be any more different from the shy and occasionally stuttering Milo, which has never stopped Milo from crushing wildly on the man who saved him. However, he and niall are thrown into close contact, just as Milo makes the decision to move on from his hopeless crush, and for the first time ever Niall seems to be returning his interest.

LOL: Laugh Out Loud: After Oscar

- With chaos and scandal swarming around me, suddenly, it isn’t just my career on the line. It’s my heart. Even if that means hauling both him and his horse along with you on your Vermont getaway. At least that’s what I did when it happened to me. Unfortunately, trouble seems to stick to the sexy carriage driver like hot syrup on a hotter waffle, making my Vermont retreat anything but quiet.

Now the carriage driver is in my bed, unexpected guests are crawling out of the woodwork, and the paparazzi is on my tail. Now i’m broke, my horse has been evicted from her barn, and I’ve got nowhere to turn. Roman:when you accidentally hijack a central Park carriage to escape the paparazzi, get pulled over by the police, and your crisis manager insists you lay low for a while, you nod your head and go.

LOL: Laugh Out Loud: After Oscar - And when the cute carriage driver shows up on your front step, blaming you for losing his job, horse in tow, you agree to fix it. Or an explanation of who you’re chasing. Scotty:when a gorgeous cop comes racing out of a building on Fifth Avenue, and screams, hops in your horse-drawn carriage, “Go!”—you go.

You don’t stop and ask for paperwork. You simply follow his shouted orders and try not to kill anyone in the process. At least, that’s what I did when it happened to me.

The Secret Love in O'Leary Book 3

- Micahconstantine Ross is a cocky, provoking little. Yeah. And i swear, i'd think that even if his family's business wasn't my biggest competition. It's time someone taught the man a lesson or two about life. At least that's what I tell myself when I offer him a job. Call it my good deed for the year. My. Bed. And how the hell am i supposed to resist him?constantineI'll be the first to admit I've royally screwed up, but what can I say?I was a stupid teen who lost his dad and spiraled out of control.

Almost a decade later, I'm still trying to make amends. The last thing i need is my family's arch-nemesis wading into my life like he's got all the answers. Except. I really need money, and the arrogant jerk offered me a job. I can deal with Micah's attitude. My attraction to him? That's different. He's my boss, not my boyfriend.

The Secret Love in O'Leary Book 3 - And he's way too old for me.