The Wonder Bread Summer: A Novel

Harper Perennial - Jessica anya blau, author of the summer of Naked Swim Parties, delivers another darkly hilarious, heartbreaking coming-of-age novel with Wonder Bread Summer. In the wonder bread summer, loosely based on Alice in Wonderland, 20-year-old Allie Dodgson has adventures that rival those Alice had down the rabbit hole.

And allison ends up on the run—with a Wonder Bread bag full of cocaine. With a hit man after her, Allison wants the help of her parents. But there’s a problem: her mom took off when Allison was eight; her dad moves so often Allison that doesn’t even have his phone number…. Set in 1980s california, the wonder bread summer is a wickedly funny and fresh caper that’s sure to please fans of Christopher Moore, Carl Hiaasen, and Marcy Dermansky.

The Wonder Bread Summer: A Novel - . Or those of Weeds’ Nancy Botwin. Allison is working at a dress shop to help pay for college. The dress shop turns out to be a front for drug dealers.

The Trouble with Lexie: A Novel

Harper Perennial - It’s a relationship that blows open Lexie’s carefully constructed life, and then dunks her into shocking situations with headline-worthy trouble. The perfect cocktail of naughtiness, heart, adventure and humor, The Trouble with Lexie is a wild and poignant story of the choices we make to outrun our childhoods—and the choices we have to make to outrun our entangled adult lives.

She earned a masters degree, and landed a counseling job at the prestigious Ruxton Academy, conquered terrifying panic attacks, got engaged to the nicest guy she’d ever met, a prep school for the moneyed children of the elite. But as her wedding date nears, Lexie has doubts. Yes, she’s created the stable life she craved as a child, Lexie strikes up a friendship with a Ruxton alumnus, but is stability really what she wants? In her moment of indecision, the father of her favorite student.

The Trouble with Lexie: A Novel - From the beloved author of the summer of naked swim parties and The Wonder Bread Summer comes the jaw-dropping story of Lexie James, a counselor at an exclusive New England prep school, whose search for happiness lands her in unexpectedly wild trouble. Lexie james escaped: after being abandoned by her alcoholic father, and kicked out of the apartment to make room for her mother’s boyfriend, Lexie made it on her own.

Chocolates for Breakfast: A Novel

Harper Perennial - Precocious and shocking when first published in 1956, Chocolates for Breakfast is a candid coming-of-age story of a young girl’s sudden awakening to love and desire written by 18-year-old Pamela Moore. Disaffected, sexually precocious 15-year-old Courtney Farrell splits her time between her parents’ homes in New York and Los Angeles.

. When a crush on a female teacher in boarding school ends badly, Courtney sets out to know everything fast—from tasting dry martinis to engaging in a passionate love affair with an older man. Considered an american response to french sensation bonjour Tristesse, Chocolates for Breakfast is also a tale of Courtney’s close and ultimately tragic friendship with her roommate, Janet Parker, and a moving account of how teenagers approach love and sex for the first time.

Chocolates for Breakfast: A Novel - This edition of chocolates for Breakfast features 16 pages of insights into the book, recommended reading, including author interviews, and more.

Drinking Closer to Home: A Novel

HarperCollins e-books - I found it impossible not to care about them—and equally impossible to forget them. Blau is a magnificent writer, and this is one special novel. Steve yarbrough, critically-acclaimed author of the summer of Naked Swim Parties, growing up, comes a new novel of California, author of Safe from the NeighborsFrom Jessica Anya Blau, and learning to love your insane family.

Perfect for fans of jess walter, and michael chabon, kevin Wilson, Drinking Closer to Home is a poignant and funny exploration of one family’s over-the-top eccentricities—a book Ron Tanner calls “heartfelt and hilarious. ”. Riveting and startling…. So raw and funny I wanted to read parts aloud to strangers.

Drinking Closer to Home: A Novel - Dylan landis, author of normal people don't live like This“Jessica Anya Blau…creates characters that have a lot more depth and more of a past than one often sees in fiction these days….

The Summer of Naked Swim Parties: A Novel P.S.

HarperCollins e-books - It's the summer when she has her first boyfriend, and tanning; it's the summer when her parents throw, naked swim parties, cigarettes, cute surfer Flip Jenkins; it's the summer when her two best friends get serious about sex, yes, leaving Jamie flushed with embarrassment. Fourteen-year-old Jamie will never forget the summer of 1976.

And it's the summer that forever changes the way Jamie sees the things that matter: family, friendship, love, and herself.

Family Acts: A Novel

Ballantine Books - Randa, has escaped the trappings of a difficult past and forged a life as a single mom, on the other hand, juggling her work as a Hollywood business manager with the needs of her precocious eleven-year-old daughter. Life takes an unpredictable turn for these two strangers when they jointly inherit the century-old Venable Opera House, a stately but run-down theater in small-town Georgia.

. But as they spend more time in the old theater, they come to realize that a rich heritage is at stake. A line of strong women–starting with Juliet Venable in the late nineteenth century–has been responsible for keeping the grand old place up and running. Puzzled at this peculiar legacy, Katie and Randa are at first eager to unload their white elephant.

In the face of huge obstacles, including a dying theater culture and their own personal struggles, these singular women have gone to drastic measures to keep the opera house in the family–including burying a devastating family secret that could destroy the carefully cultivated Venable legend forever.

Family Acts: A Novel - Now, as a local contractor seeks to tear down the landmark, Katie and Randa must decide not only if they want to unravel their mysterious connection to the theater and maintain its tradition but if they have what it takes to keep the Venable family legacy alive. Katie harder and randa jennings live on opposite coasts, have never met, and have almost nothing in common–except that they’re both named after Shakespearean characters.

Everything katie has ever done or possessed–her New York City co-op, her career as a writer for a daytime drama–was given to her by her late mother, in her day a flamboyant soap opera queen. A sprawling page-turner about maintaining family honor and lifelong dreams, Family Acts is Louise Shaffer’s most powerful and assured novel to date.

Lullabies for Little Criminals: A Novel

HarperCollins e-books - Baby knows that “chocolate milk” is Jules’ slang for heroin and sees a lot more of that in her house than the real thing. Alphonse, the local pimp, has his eye on her for his new girl—and what the johns don’t take he covets for himself. Now it’s sure to capture its next decade of readers as Baby picks her pathway along the edge of the abyss to arrive at a place of redemption, and of love.

Featuring a new introduction from the authorcbc canada reads winner, orange prize for Fiction finalist, Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction winner, Governor General’s Literary Award finalist, International Impac Dublin Literary Award finalistPraise for Lullabies for Little Criminals“A vivid portrait of life on skid row.

Lullabies for Little Criminals: A Novel - People“a nuanced, endearing coming-of-age novel you won’t want to miss. Quill and quire“Vivid and poignant. Heather o’neill’s critically acclaimed debut novel, is lost in the gangly, with a new introduction from the author to celebrate its ten-year anniversaryBaby, all of thirteen years old, coltish moment between childhood and the strange pulls and temptations of the adult world.

A deeply moving and troubling novel. The independent london“O’Neill is a tragicomedienne par excellence. You will not want to miss this tender depiction of some very mean streets. Montreal Review of Books.

Rich Man, Poor Man and Beggarman, Thief

Open Road Media - Two books in one: irwin shaw’s bestselling rich Man, Poor Man and Beggarman, Thief chronicle one family’s struggle with the forces of change after WWII.  . Driven by his sorrow and a need for justice, Wesley uncovers surprising truths about his estranged family’s complicated past. Yet, in this sprawling saga, each member of the family pushes against the grain of history and confronts the perils and pleasures of a world devastated by conflict and transformed by American commerce and culture.

In rich man, tom, siblings rudy, poor Man, and Gretchen Jordache grow up in a small town on the Hudson River. In beggarman, thief, the Jordache family reunites after a terrible act of violence. They’re in their teens in the 1940s, too young to go to war but marked by it nevertheless. An important voice in twentieth-century american literature, Irwin Shaw has been called “one of the great storytellers” by bestselling author William Goldman, for his ability to take readers on a gripping ride from World War II to Vietnam and beyond.

Rich Man, Poor Man and Beggarman, Thief - Wesley never really knew his father, Tom, the black sheep of the Jordache family. Their father is the local baker, and nothing suggests they will live storied lives.

Poor George: A Novel

W. W. Norton & Company - Depressed by his life of vague moral purpose, George discovers a local adolescent named Ernest breaking into his house. Rather than hand the boy over to the police, as his nagging wife insists, George instead decides to tutor him. Filled with vividly acid portrayals of american life in the 1960s, prescient explorations of suburban anomie, and a riotously disturbing cast of supporting characters, Poor George is a classic American novel—further reminder of Paula Fox’s astonishing literary gifts.

With an introduction by Jonathan Lethem. The best first novel i've read in quite a long time…A merciless uncovering of the exurban wastelands of the spirit. New york review of bookspoor george gives us George Mecklin, a restless, soft-spoken teacher at a private school in Manhattan. His life consequently implodes.

Lucky Us: A Novel

Random House - Amy bloom is a treasure. Michael Cunningham“Exquisite. A short, vibrant book about all kinds of people creating all kinds of serial, improvisatory lives. The new york times   “Bighearted, rambunctious. A grand adventure. O: the oprah magazine   “Marvelous picaresque entertainment. Lucky us is a brilliantly written, deeply moving, fantastically funny novel of love, heartbreak, and luck.

. With their friends in high and low places, betrayals, scandals, Iris and Eva stumble and shine though a landscape of big dreams, and war. Disappointed by their families, the hopeful star and Eva the sidekick, Iris, journey through 1940s America in search of fame and fortune. Join the random house Reader’s Circle for author chats and more.

Lucky Us: A Novel - My father’s wife died. A festival of joy and terror and lust and amazement that resolves itself here, warts and all, in a kind of crystalline Mozartean clarity of vision. Ellefrom the Trade Paperback edition.

Friendship Cake: A Novel A Hope Springs Book

William Morrow Paperbacks - I would welcome a friendship with Lynne Hinton. Delicious!”. I would welcome an invitation to sit down at her table, but mostly I would welcome her next book. Maya angelou lynne hinton’s beloved bestselling classic, poignant, survival, love, and community—as well as a host of delicious Southern recipes! A heartwarming delight reminiscent of Jan Karon’s New York Times bestselling Mitford books, Friendship Cake, and funny novel of five small-town women friends that offers inspiring life lessons in faith, Friendship Cake, in the words of Rita Mae Brown Rubyfruit Jungle, strength,  is a beautiful, “will give you plenty to chew over.