The Nixon Tapes: 1973

Mariner Books - A priceless. Once again, there are revelations on every page. With nixon’s landslide 1972 reelection victory receding into the background and the scandal that would scuttle the administration looming, The Nixon Tapes: 1973 reveals the inside story of the tragedy that followed the triumph. Readers will enjoy the editors’ insightful introductions.

Publishers Weekly Mariner Books. Essential for students of late-twentieth-century history and the American presidency. Kirkus reviews “A monumental effort. A revealing selection. Douglas brinkley and luke nichter’s intrepid two-volume transcription and annotation of the highlights of this essential archive provides an unprecedented and fascinating window into the inner workings of a momentous presidency.

The Nixon Tapes: 1973 - The nixon tapes: 1973 tells the concluding chapter of the story, covering such events as the Vietnam cease-fire, the Wounded Knee standoff, of course, the final year of taping, and, the Watergate investigation. Astonishing. Austin american-statesman between 1971 and 1973, President Richard Nixon’s voice-activated tape recorders captured 3, 700 hours of conversations.

The Nixon Tapes: 1971–1972

Mariner Books - Yet less than 5 percent of those conversations have ever been transcribed and published. A fascinating and devastatingly accurate portrait of the 37th president. Now the world can finally read an unprecedented account of one of the most important and controversial presidencies in U. S. Groundbreaking. San francisco chronicle“presents a clear, fly-on-the-wall view of Nixon’s White House.

A monumental accomplishment. Usa today president nixon’s voice-activated taping system captured every word spoken in the Oval Office, 3, the Cabinet Room, and other key locations in the White House and at Camp David — in all, 700 hours of recordings between 1971 and 1973. History. The nixon tapes, and won a landslide reelection victory,  with annotations and commentary by Professors Luke Nichter and Douglas Brinkley, offers a selection of fascinating scenes from the years Nixon opened relations with China, negotiated the SALT I arms agreement with the Soviet Union, while the growing shadow of Watergate and Nixon’s political downfall crept ever closer.

The Nixon Tapes: 1971–1972 - The nixon tapes provides a unique glimpse into a flawed president’s hubris, paranoia, and political genius. A treasure trove. Boston globe                        “Strangely addictive. Los angeles Times.

All the President's Men

Simon & Schuster - The work that brought down a presidency. Perhaps the most influential piece of journalism in history” Time—from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, #1 New York Times bestselling authors of The Final Days. All the president’s men is a riveting detective story, capturing the exhilarating rush of the biggest presidential scandal in US history as it unfolded in real time.

Published just months before president nixon’s resignation, All the President’s Men revealed the full scope of the scandal and introduced for the first time the mysterious “Deep Throat. Beginning with the story of a simple burglary at Democratic headquarters and then continuing through headline after headline, Bernstein and Woodward deliver a riveting firsthand account of their reporting.

All the President's Men - . Their explosive reports won a Pulitzer Prize for The Washington Post, toppled the president, and have since inspired generations of reporters. One of time magazine’s all-time 100 Best Nonfiction Books, this is the book that changed America. The most devastating political detective story of the century: two Washington Post reporters, whose brilliant, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation smashed the Watergate scandal wide open, tell the behind-the-scenes drama the way it really happened.

Simon Schuster.

The Haldeman Diaries: Inside the Nixon White House

G. P. Putnam's Sons - Simon Schuster. Never-before-published diaries from richard nixon's late Chief of Staff offer a meticulously detailed behind-the-scenes account of his years at the White House that included Agnew's resignation, Cambodian bombings, and Watergate. History, Politics, Nixon.

The Wars of Watergate: The Last Crisis of Richard Nixon

W. W. Norton & Company - History, Politics, Nixon. The definitive account of Watergate. St. Louis post-Dispatch Simon Schuster.


Knopf - And he talks about the importance to him of the writing itself, of how he tries to infuse it with a sense of place and mood to bring characters and situations to life on the page. From the two-time pulitzer prize-winning author of the power broker and the years of Lyndon Johnson: an unprecedented gathering of vivid, deeply revealing recollections about his experiences researching and writing his acclaimed booksFor the first time in book form, Robert Caro gives us a glimpse into his own life and work in these evocatively written, candid, personal pieces.

Johnson library in austin, texas; his encounters with witnesses, including longtime residents wrenchingly displaced by the construction of Moses' Cross-Bronx Expressway and Lady Bird Johnson acknowledging the beauty and influence of one of LBJ's mistresses. He gratefully remembers how, after years of working in solitude, he found a writers' community at the New York Public Library, and details the ways he goes about planning and composing his books.

Working - History, Politics, Nixon. He describes what it was like to interview the mighty Robert Moses; what it felt like to begin discovering the extent of the political power Moses wielded; the combination of discouragement and exhilaration he felt confronting the vast holdings of the Lyndon B. Taken together, these reminiscences--some previously published, some written expressly for this book--bring into focus the passion, the wry self-deprecation, and the integrity with which this brilliant historian has always approached his work.

. Caro recalls the moments at which he came to understand that he wanted to write not just about the men who wielded power but about the people and the politics that were shaped by that power. Simon Schuster.

One Man Against the World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon

St. Martin's Griffin - From the hail of garbage and curses that awaited nixon upon his arrival at the white house, when he became the president of a nation as deeply divided as it had been since the end of the Civil War, to the infamous break-in and the tapes that bear remarkable record of the most intimate and damning conversations between the president and his confidantes, to the unprecedented action Nixon took against American citizens, who he considered as traitorous as the army of North Vietnam, Weiner narrates the history of Nixon's anguished presidency in fascinating and fresh detail.

In riveting, tick-tock prose, weiner illuminates how the Vietnam War and the Watergate controversy that brought about Nixon's demise were inextricably linked. A crucial new look at the greatest political suicide in history, and, thinking the world was against him, One Man Against the World leaves us not only with new insight into this tumultuous period, but also into the motivations and demons of an American president who saw enemies everywhere, undermined the foundations of the country he had hoped to lead.

One Man Against the World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon - History, Politics, Nixon. Based largely on documents declassified only in the last few years, One Man Against the World paints a devastating portrait of a tortured yet brilliant man who led the country largely according to a deep-seated insecurity and distrust of not only his cabinet and congress, but the American population at large.

Simon Schuster. A shocking and riveting look at one of the most dramatic and disastrous presidencies in US history, from Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner Tim Weiner. Griffin.

The Final Days

Simon & Schuster - An extraordinary work of reportage on the epic political story of our time” Newsweek—from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, Pulitzer Prize-winning coauthors of All the President’s Men. The final days is the #1 new york times bestselling, classic, behind-the-scenes account of Richard Nixon’s dramatic last months as president.

Simon Schuster. Moment by moment, his staff, bernstein and woodward portray the taut, his family, post-Watergate White House as Nixon, and many members of Congress strained desperately to prevent his inevitable resignation. This brilliant book reveals the ordeal of Nixon’s fall from office—one of the gravest crises in presidential history.

The Final Days - Griffin. History, Politics, Nixon.

The Pentagon Papers: The Secret History of the Vietnam War

Racehorse - Griffin. Published by the new york times in 1971, the Pentagon Papers riveted an already deeply divided nation with startling and disturbing revelations about the United States' involvement in Vietnam. The pentagon papers demonstrated that the government had systematically lied to both the public and to Congress.

Simon Schuster. History, Politics, Nixon. The wikileaks of its day” Time is as relevant as ever to present-day American politics. The most significant leaks of classified material in American history. The washington postnot fake news! the basis for the 2018 film the post by academy award-winning director Steven Spielberg, documents, The Pentagon Papers are a series of articles, and studies examining the Johnson Administration’s lies to the public about the extent of US involvement in the Vietnam War, bringing to light shocking conclusions about America’s true role in the conflict.

The Pentagon Papers: The Secret History of the Vietnam War - Kenworthy analysis and comment Court Records Biographies of Key Figures With a brand-new foreword by James L. This incomparable, 1966 by fox butterfield secretary mcnamara’s disenchantment: october, 1964-february, 1965 by neil sheehan the buildup: july, 1965 by neil sheehan the launching of the ground war: march-july, 848-page volume includes: the truman and eisenhower Years: 1945-1960 by Fox Butterfield Origins of the Insurgency in South Vietnam by Fox Butterfield The Kennedy Years: 1961-1963 by Hedrick Smith The Overthrow of Ngo Dinh Diem: May-November, 1964 by Neil Sheehan The Consensus to Bomb North Vietnam: August, 1965-September, 1963 by Hedrick Smith The Covert War and Tonkin Gulf: February-August, 1966-May, 1967 by Hedrick Smith The Tet Offensive and the Turnaround by E.

W. Greenfield, this edition of the pulitzer prize–winning story is sure to provoke discussion about free press and government deception, and shed some light on issues in the past and the present so that we can better understand and improve the future. The washington post called them “the most significant leaks of classified material in American history” and they remain relevant today as a reminder of the importance of a free press and First Amendment rights.

The Nixon Tapes: 1971-1972

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - The nixon tapes provides a never-before-seenglimpse into a flawed president's hubris, paranoia, and political genius. Now, thanks to professor luke nichter'smassive effort to digitize and transcribe the tapes, the world can finallyread an unprecedented account of one of the most important andcontroversial presidencies in U.

S. History, Politics, Nixon. Simon Schuster. History. The nixon tapes offers a selection of fascinating scenes from theyear Nixon opened relations with China, negotiated the SALT I armsagreement with the Soviet Union, and won a landslide reelection victory. All the while, the growing shadow of Watergate and Nixon's politicaldownfall crept ever closer.

The Nixon Tapes: 1971-1972 - Yet less than 5 percent of those conversations have everbeen transcribed and published. Griffin. The famous -- and infamous -- nixon white house tapes that reveal forthe first time president richard Nixon uncensored, and in hisown wordsPresident Nixon's voice-activated taping system captured every wordspoken in the Oval Office, Cabinet Room, and other key locations in theWhite House, unfiltered, and at Camp David -- 3, 700 hours of recordings between1971 and 1973.

Richard Nixon: The Life

Vintage - From a prize-winning biographer comes the defining portrait of a man who led America in a time of turmoil and left us a darker age. He was elected to end the war in Vietnam, but his bombing of Cambodia and Laos enraged the antiwar movement. Farrell shows, in a world Richard Nixon made. Yet amid the turns of that now-legendary 1946 campaign, Nixon’s finer attributes gave way to unapologetic ruthlessness.

We live today, John A. It was a fine legacy, but Nixon cared little for it. Ever insecure and increasingly paranoid, he persuaded Americans to gnaw, as he did, on grievances—and to look at one another as enemies. The story of that transformation is the stunning overture to John A. Griffin. Few came so far, and so alone, so fast, ” Farrell writes.

Richard Nixon: The Life - Meticulously researched, and offering fresh revelations, brilliantly crafted, it will be hailed as a master work. Senator; in six, the vice president of the United States of America. Finally elected president in 1969, welfare, Nixon packed his staff with bright young men who devised forward-thinking reforms addressing health care, civil rights, and protection of the environment.

He aspired to make his mark on the world stage instead, and his 1972 opening to China was the first great crack in the Cold War.