The General’s Daughter Paul Brenner Book 1

Grand Central Publishing - New york times bestsellerthe gripping murder mystery about an upstanding military officer - the base commander's daughter - who's been leading an unsavory double life. When a professional military woman with a pristine reputation is found raped and murdered, a preliminary search turns up certain paraphernalia, and sex toys that point to a scandal of major proportions, The chief investigator is reluctant to take the case when he learns that his partner will be a woman with whom he had a tempestuous affair and an unpleasant parting.

Demille is a master at keeping the reader hanging on to see what happens next. Associated Press. But duty calls and intrigue begins when they learn that several top-level people may have been involved with the "golden girl" - and many have wanted her dead.

Up Country Paul Brenner Book 2

Grand Central Publishing - Brenner reluctantly accepts out of curiosity and loyalty. And maybe a touch of boredom. He won't be bored for long. Back in vietnam, brenner meets expatriate Susan Weber, a woman as exotic, sensual, and dangerous as the nation of her voluntary exile.1 new york times bestseller "much more than a blood-and-guts thriller.

. An insightful, and sensitive look at what the war did to a country, its people, moving, and its enemies. Orlando sentinel former army homicide investigator paul brenner has just gotten used to the early retirement forced on him after the disastrous end of his last case when his old commanding officer asks him to return for one final mission: investigate a murder that took place in wartime Vietnam thirty years before.

Up Country Paul Brenner Book 2 - Brenner is plunged into a world of corruption, lethal double cross, and haunted memories-as he's suddenly thrust back into a war that neither he nor his country ever really stopped fighting.

The Gold Coast John Sutter Book 1

Grand Central Publishing - Here two men are destined for an explosive collision: john sutter, susan, wall Street lawyer, holding fast to a fading aristocratic legacy; and Frank Bellarosa, the Mafia don who seizes his piece of the staid and unprepared Gold Coast like a latter-day barbarian chief and draws Sutter and his regally beautiful wife, into his violent world.

. The great gatsby meets the godfather in this #1 New York Times bestselling story of friendship and seduction, love and betrayal. Demille is a true master. Dan brown, #1 bestselling author of the da vinci codeWelcome to the fabled Gold Coast, that stretch on the North Shore of Long Island that once held the greatest concentration of wealth and power in America.

The Gold Coast John Sutter Book 1 - Told from sutter's sardonic and often hilarious point of view, The Gold Coast is Nelson DeMille's captivating story laced with sexual passion and suspense.

Word of Honor

Grand Central Publishing - Read the gripping story of a vietnam vet whose secret past threatens his family, career, from the #1 New York Times bestselling author whose books have sold over 50 million copies worldwide, and honor, and is "a true master" Dan Brown. He is a good man, a brilliant corporate executive, an honest, handsome family man admired by men and desired by women.

. But sixteen years ago Ben Tyson was a lieutenant in Vietnam. There, in 1968, the men under his command committed a murderous atrocity-and together swore never to tell the world what they had done. Not the press, army justice, and the events he tried to forget have caught up with Ben Tyson. His family, his career, and his personal sense of honor hang in the balance.

Word of Honor - And only one woman can reveal the truth of his past--and set him free.

The Gate House John Sutter Book 2

Grand Central Publishing - At the same time, john and susan's mutual attraction resurfaces and old passions begin to reignite, and John finds himself pulled deeper into a familiar web of seduction and betrayal. But susan isn't the only person from john's past who has reemerged: though frank bellarosa, is long dead, is alive and well, infamous Mafia don and Susan's ex-lover, his son, Anthony, and intent on two missions: Drawing John back into the violent world of the Bellarosa family, and exacting revenge on his father's murderer--Susan Sutter.

1 new york times bestseller"a master at keeping the reader hanging on to see what happens next. Associated presswhen john sutter's aristocratic wife killed her mafia don lover, John left America and set out in his sailboat on a three-year journey around the world, eventually settling in London. Now, that stretch of land on the north shore of long island that once held the greatest concentration of wealth and power in America, ten years later, he has come home to the Gold Coast, to attend the imminent funeral of an old family servant.

The Gate House John Sutter Book 2 - Taking up temporary residence in the gatehouse of Stanhope Hall, John finds himself living only a quarter of a mile from Susan who has also returned to Long Island. In the gate house, present, acclaimed author nelson demille brings us back to that fabled spot on the North Shore -- a place where past, and future collides with often unexpected results.

The Charm School

Grand Central Publishing - Citizens. With nearly 50 million books sold worldwide, nelson demille is "a true master. Dan brown#1 new york times bestselling author nelson DeMille's chilling, relentlessly suspenseful story of Cold War espionage in the vein of the hit FX show The Americans. On a dark road deep inside the russian woods at Borodino, a young American tourist picks up an unusual passenger with an explosive secret: an U.

S. Their goal? To infiltrate the United States undetected. Pow on the run from "the charm school, " a sinister operation where American POWs teach young KBG agents how to be model U. S. With this horrifying conspiracy revealed, and three americans--an Air Force officer, an embassy liaison, the CIA sets an investigation in motion, a CIA chief--pit themselves against the country's enemies in a high-powered game of international intrigue.

Wild Fire John Corey Book 4

Grand Central Publishing - Ostensibly, eat, and talk off-the-record about war, drink, life, hunt, the club is a place to gather with old friends, death, sex and politics. The death appears to be a hunting accident, and that's how the local police first report it, but Detective John Corey has his doubts. Their plan is finalized and set into motion.

That same weekend, a member of the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force is reported missing. New york times bestseller"nelson deMille is a true master. Dan brown, military men, #1 bestselling author of the da vinci CodeWelcome to the Custer Hill Club--an informal men's club set in a luxurious Adirondack hunting lodge whose members include some of America's most powerful business leaders, and government officials.

Wild Fire John Corey Book 4 - Racing against the clock, fbi agent kate mayfield, Detective Corey and his wife, find they are the only people in a position to stop the button from being pushed and chaos from being unleashed. His body is soon discovered in the woods near the Custer Hill Club's game reserve. But one fall weekend, the executive board of the Custer Hill Club gathers to talk about the tragedy of 9/11 and what America must do to retaliate.

As he digs deeper, he begins to unravel a plot involving the Custer Hill Club, a top-secret plan known only by its code name: Wild Fire.

The Lion John Corey Book 5

Grand Central Publishing - The lion" is a killing machine once again loose in America with a mission of revenge, and John Corey will stop at nothing to achieve his own goal -- to find and kill Khahil. John corey faces a killing machine as an old rival resurfaces to unleash terror on America and finish his mission of revenge on Corey in this #1 New York Times bestseller from the "master" Dan Brown, #1 New York Times bestselling author.

John corey, former nypd homicide detective and special agent for the Anti-Terrorist Task Force, is back. And, unfortunately for corey, so is Asad Khalil, the notorious Libyan terrorist otherwise known as "The Lion. Last we heard from him, khali had claimed to be defecting to the US only to unleash the most horrific reign of terrorism ever to occur on American soil.

The Lion John Corey Book 5 - Now, years later, khalil has returned to America to make good on his threats and take care of unfinished business. While corey and his partner, fbi agent Kate Mayfield, chased him across the country, Khalil methodically eliminated his victims one by one and then disappeared without a trace.


Grand Central Publishing - Back from the cold war, intelligence officer Keith Landry returns to his hometown of Spencerville, Ohio. Twenty-five years after their last encounter, Annie, Keith runs into his first love, now unhappily married to the town's chief of police--an abusive alcoholic. In his efforts to reclaim Annie, Keith will have to draw on all the skills of a violent lifetime.

The Panther John Corey Book 6

Grand Central Publishing - 1 new york times bestseller"bracing and spectacular. Providence sunday journalanti-terrorist task force agent John Corey and his wife, have been posted overseas to Sana'a, FBI agent Kate Mayfield, Yemen-one of the most dangerous places in the Middle East. As latecomers to a deadly game, the players, John and Kate don't know the rules, or the score.

Filled with breathtaking plot turns and told in john Corey's inimitable voice, THE PANTHER raises disturbing questions about whether we can ever know who our enemies - or our allies - really are. What they do know is that there is more to their assignment than meets the eye-and that the hunters are about to become the hunted.

The Panther John Corey Book 6 - Ruthless and elusive, he's wanted for multiple terrorist acts and murders-and the U. S. While there, they will be working with a small team to track down one of the masterminds behind the USS Cole bombing: a high-ranking Al Qaeda operative known as The Panther. Government is determined to bring him down, no matter the cost.

Plum Island John Corey Book 1

Grand Central Publishing - During his journey of discovery, he meets two remarkable women, Detective Beth Penrose and Mayflower descendant Emma Whitestone, both of whom change his life irrevocably.1 new york times bestsellercelebrating the 20th anniversary with a new foreword by the authorwounded in the line of duty, nypd homicide detective John Corey convalesces in the Long Island township of Southold, home to farmers, fishermen -- and at least one killer.

His investigations lead him into the lore, legends, and ancient secrets of northern Long Island -- more deadly and more dangerous than he could ever have imagined. The local police chief, sylvester Maxwell, wants Corey's big-city expertise, but Maxwell gets more than he bargained for. Ultimately, through his understanding of the murders, John Corey comes to understand himself.

Plum Island John Corey Book 1 - John corey doesn't like mysteries, which is why he likes to solve them. Fast-paced and atmospheric, incandescent storytelling, and brilliant comic touches, marked by entrancing characters, Plum Island is Nelson DeMille at his thrill-inducing best. Tom and judy gordon, a young, have been found on their patio, attractive couple Corey knows, each with a bullet in the head.