The Billionaire’s Miracle Quintuplets A Bwwm, Billionaire, Older Man, Younger Woman, Miracle Pregnancy, Surprise Quintuplets, Romance

Alicia Beckton - To their surprise, what started out as business turns into pleasure real quickly. She has been told that it is almost medically impossible for her to ever have kids. With his new found free time, he is using it to help organize his daughter’s birthday party and all that is missing is a cake. However, she'll find that giving up relationships is not as easy as she thought it would be when she meets Noah Stanton.

Noah is a strikingly handsome billionaire who has relinquished control of his company to his son and at 50 is trying to enjoy an early retirement. It doesn’t help when pam who is over the moon about her pregnancy tells Noah and he isn’t interested in being a father again. She often wonders if there is any point to ever get in another relationship and possibly fall in love again as she can’t deal with anymore heartache and pain.

The Billionaire's Miracle Quintuplets A Bwwm, Billionaire, Older Man, Younger Woman, Miracle Pregnancy, Surprise Quintuplets, Romance - . Noah is expecting a cake but what he wasn’t expecting was to feel the way he does about Pam and the feeling to be mutual. Free bwwm romance book when you purchase this book!a steamy miracle standalone billionaire romance book. Pam jones is a 39 year old woman who owns her own small cake business, has a heart of gold and who just happens to have been dealt a bad hand in life.

She barely knows Noah, and he barely knows her. It turns out that the one in a million chance sometimes does strike.

A Christmas Wish: A BWWM Secret Baby Romance

- If she could have just one wish, it would be that somehow she and Logan would come together once again. Sometimes, wishes can bear a heavy price. Except, he doesn’t know it. Three and a half years after her one-night stand with Logan Elliot, a successful businessman with a booming real estate firm, Bethany Cobb finds herself in one heck of a predicament.

He’s been a father for three years. ****. For years, she’s been longing for the man who fathered her mixed-race child. This christmas, she admits she just can't let him go. Logan is suddenly back into her life and the sparks are just as electrifying as she remembers. But before bethany can muster the courage to come clean about the massive secret she’s been harboring from him, she stumbles upon some information that she was never meant to see and suddenly, they’re running for their lives amidst a crazy backdrop of organized criminals and holiday cheer.

A Christmas Wish: A BWWM Secret Baby Romance - As passion, love and danger flares, will logan ever find out about his secret love child? And what happens when the couple is taken for a thrilling ride they never wanted to embark upon? **** This is a standalone Novel with a touch of steam and HEA.

Asian Billionaire's Forgotten Baby Daughter: A BWAM Baby Romance

- Regret is a nasty word. Some things can’t be forgiven. I get that. But people make mistakes. Ones they would do anything to take back. And kealy is my repentance. I was weak. Blinded by my family’s immoral values. I abandoned her. And our baby girl. It’s been three years, sexy kealy, My sweet, mocha-skinned goddess, And the American, Still haunts my dreams.

I’m not the man I used to be. It was all luck that we walked into the same coffee shop. But now, it’s all by choice that I’ll never let her go again. I will do whatever it takes to gain her trust. To be the man she deserves. And the best father to our daughter. I just didn’t expect my dark past to catch up with me, And threaten everything….

Royal Billionaire's Secret Black Twins A BWWM Romance

- They say’ things come in threes… well, how about doubles? I’ve never been a noble prince. No way – that title was reserved for my perfect older brother. I was his polar opposite. The reckless one. The one who wasn’t destined to be the ‘future King of England’. I thought i had it all figured out – a lifetime of impartiality.

No princess wife. No imperial offspring. No damn worries. Until I meet Bree. The mocha-skinned, doe-eyed American nanny sent my desire into new territory. I had to have her. And i did…Numerous times. Only, later into our affair, things got real. Too real. Bree got pregnant. My father, king remington, has ordered me to get rid of Bree to avoid a royal scandal, or face expulsion from the palace.

Royal Billionaire's Secret Black Twins A BWWM Romance - I don’t owe him or my bloodline anything, steamy scenes between a powerful, but i don’t know if I can give up being a prince for a woman I barely know…It’s that age-old question: do I gamble everything for love?Note: Royal Billionaire's Secret Black Twins is 34k of passionate, British prince and an American Nanny.

The Seven Year Secret: A BWWM Romance

- She kept quiet for seven years…but now her secret’s outIf there’s one thing single mom Mayanna Richards knows, it’s how to keep quiet. After all, she’s been keeping a massive secret close to her heart for years now, focusing instead on her carefully constructed world. And then it all comes crashing down.

****. But a quick background check leaves him reeling as he discovers the secret that Mayanna had so fiercely guarded from him: their seven-year-old daughter. With both their worlds shaken to the core, Mayanna and Jordan try to work out a friendly compromise for their child’s sake. But some fires never die and before they know it, sparks begin to fly once more.

The Seven Year Secret: A BWWM Romance - Caught in the midst of bitter hurdles, will jordan and Mayanna ever find their way back to each other? **** This is a standalone Novella with a touch of steam and HEA. When jordan spencer walks into a bakery to requesting a cake for his upcoming wedding, the last thing he expected was to find his girlfriend behind the counter.

One encounter with Mayanna stirs up all the feelings he thought he’d long buried.

Italian Billionaire's Black Quadruplet Baby Miracle A BWWM Baby Romance

- Chocolate-brown eyes. Pear-shaped curves… Nothing had changed. At first, it was about ego –Me gloating over how I’d “dated an actress”. Gabriella Allen. But the second i approached that VIP table, My game plan went out the window. I felt my greatest asset stir in my pants. So many memories. So many times I’d had her.

Where had the years gone?Back then, timing was everything. We had separate roads to pave. But now…I wanted back in. Before we knew it, we’d reversed the clock, [email protected]#king our way into oblivion…Until Gabriella collapsed on stage. And a bombshell followed. She was pregnant. With four babies. My babies. I didn’t sign up for the latter.

Italian Billionaire's Black Quadruplet Baby Miracle A BWWM Baby Romance - But i won’t lose Gabriella again. I need to make it work. There’s just one problem – the pregnancy is meant to be a secret…But the tabloids just blew it sky-high.

Billionaire's Black Surrogate Twin Daughters: A BWWM Baby Romance

- Temptation is a wicked game. Like most people in the limelight, I’m often portrayed as something I’m not. Yes, i’m rich. Yes, my wife is an international Instagram model. But that’s just the surface. The media-fueled bullsh*t. I worked hard to build up my law firm. A decent one. That cares about the underprivileged.

That fights for them and their rights. However, above all that, Being a father was always an aspiration too. Now, i never thought I would be here. Separated. A divorce on the way. With my ex’s donated eggs in a surrogate, While I wait to be a single father. I also didn’t expect the woman bearing my child to be so…Gorgeous.

Billionaire's Black Surrogate Twin Daughters: A BWWM Baby Romance - Tall. Young. And with the most attractive hazel eyes, Cascading dark hair, And smooth bronze skin. April Carter. I think i’m about to have a serious conflict of interest…Note: Billionaire's Black Surrogate Twin Daughters is 30k of steamy romance between a billionaire lawyer and the beautiful surrogate carrying his twins.

BWWM Romance Dashing Royalty Book 3 - Her Royal Wedding

- But i never thought i would find love, absolutely free, just after being inches away from death…read this complete standalone romance to the end by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1 Click" Check the "Look Inside" feature and find out how you can get 3 NEW 2018 EXCLUSIVE 40, and my angel, 000 Word Standalone BWWM Romances, sent to you in minutes! .

Aaron had everything going for him, but he wanted me and my curves… AaronTo say my life in England was mundane would be an understatement. Do not miss the sale price Almost 60% Off! 2. 99 guaranteed For 24hrs only 6. 99 reg!***a complete story with no cliffhanger*** TamaraAt 41, I had almost given up on love.

BWWM Romance Dashing Royalty Book 3 - Her Royal Wedding - I came to america to escape the fame of being a prince, and actually connect with normal hard working people. I was a successful paramedic, who saved lives for a living, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would save the life of the perfect man.

Italian Billionaire's Unknown Black Daughter A BWWM Romance

- We all have secrets, but a baby takes the cake…I don’t do relationships. I prefer the high, single life. The one where i get to sleep with whoever I want, and bathe in my family’s billions. I thought that was my destiny. But then a girl from my past walked back into my life. Eva. Beautiful, green-eyed, dark-skinned, curvaceous Eva.

I was happy to pick up where we left off, but Eva had a secret. A surprise. A daughter. Our daughter, Rosa. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to trade in bachelorhood for fatherhood. Yet, eva was the only girl who made me want to change. And rosa… well, she was perfect. There was no way I was turning my back on my girls.

Italian Billionaire's Unknown Black Daughter A BWWM Romance - But i was foolish to think things would work out so easy. Because, technically, I have an “arranged” Italian marriage with someone else. Now eva doesn’t know if she can trust me. And maybe she can’t. Maybe players like me don’t deserve happy endings….

Billionaire's Black Sextuplet Babies: A BWWM Baby Romance

- I had my share of bombshells, but SEXTUPLETS… Nothing topped that. I knew the minute I saw her it wouldn’t take long. She would submit to me. Cry out my name. As i drove into her, again and again. Oh yes. I was one dirty boss. My doe-eyed little intern didn’t stand a chance. Erica would be mine. She thought she could resist me.

That our time tangled in my sheets was a one-night-only deal. But that’s what made the chase all the more fun. Plus, she was my intern. My property. Which meant Erica needed to do as she was told. But as they say: ‘What goes up, must come down. And our little affair created a media storm…Topped up with another bombshell…A helluva pregnancy.

Billionaire's Black Sextuplet Babies: A BWWM Baby Romance - Erica and i had a choice to make:put everything on the line and make it work, or succumb to the [email protected]#k of conflicts being thrown our way?Time for this billionaire to reap what he sowed. Note: billionaire's black Sextuplet Babies is a steamy bwwm romance between a billionaire boss and his sexy intern.

King's Miracle Black Twin Babies: A Royal BWWM Baby Romance

- I had no interest in taking a wife… until I saw her. All it took was one glimpse. Her figure by the pool…bending over the water…Then kicking off for a perfect dive…Suddenly, throwing away my solo hat had its perks. Amanda was everything my parents would turn their noses at. American. Middle class. Smart. Sexy.

Independent. If i had to take a wife for the sake of my “royal lineage”, Well, And p*ss my parents off in the process, she was as desirable a choice as any. I just didn’t expect her to say no…note: King's Miracle Black Twin Babies is 30k of steamy romance between a King and his American lover.