Spell Found Blackmoore Sisters Cozy Mysteries Book 7

- When the blackmoore sisters travel to salem massachusetts in search of an ancient energy infused relic that has been hidden away since the 1692 Salem witch trials, they find themselves up to their elbows in witches, ghosts and cats. Not to mention murder. The sisters must depend on their paranormal detective skills to find the location of the relic before one of them becomes the next victim, shows up with a surprise revelation about their paranormal gifts, Mateo, but when their handsome guardian angel, the sisters must face a truth that could change their world forever.

Fatal Fortune Blackmoore Sisters Cozy Mysteries Book 8

Leighann Dobbs Publishing - But as they start to zero in on the location of the relic, it becomes clear that they are not alone and whoever else is on the island has no intention of leaving without the relic - even if it means killing the entire Blackmoore clan. Aided by a lonesome pirate ghost, they navigate a maze of tunnels dug into the rocks where they encounter ancient booby-traps, malevolent spirits and natural disasters.

Many have looked for the treasures reported to be buried there by pirates decades ago, but precious few treasures have been found. A cryptic note leads the Blackmoore sisters to a haunted island in the Atlantic Ocean. Abandoned for decades following several mysterious fatal accidents, the sisters have the island to themselves…or so they think.

Fatal Fortune Blackmoore Sisters Cozy Mysteries Book 8 - And certainly not the powerful energy-infused jewel the Blackmoores are looking for.

A Grave Mistake Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 6

- Too bad they aren't the only ones that know it's there. Stalked by a mysterious candy-chewing killer and threatened by paranormals, the girls must race against time to interpret a decades old clue left in an overgrown graveyard before the relic falls into the hands of their evil enemy Dr. Mortimer Bly. The search turns personal and the girls find their paranormal skills tested on every level while they try desperately to find the relic, a vessel with mystical properties, before it falls into the wrong hands.

When a mutilated body shows up in their seaside town of Noquitt Maine, the Blackmoore sisters realize that an ancient relic they've been trying to locate has been hidden under their noses the whole time.

Deadly Intentions Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 5

- Little does she know, her quest will change the course of her and her three sisters' lives forever. A magical locket, a long-estranged aunt that shows up out of the blue, and a diabolical bad guy all play a part in pulling the girls into the heat of danger, and they are forced to put their newly-found paranormal skills to the test in a battle where losing could be deadly.

Before it's all over, friends might turn out to be enemies, enemies might turn out to be friends and a long hidden secret about the girls' ancestry will come to light. And now she’s determined to get an answer. Will they finally discover the shocking truth of what really happened to their mother? What really happened to johanna blackmoore seven years ago?Jolene Blackmoore has been asking that question about her mother’s mysterious death for a long time.

Buried Secrets Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 4

- Even the ghosts have secrets in Dead Water. For celeste blackmoore and her sisters, locating a hundred year old buried treasure in the gold mining ghost town of Dead Water sounds like an easy job. Until they find themselves facing threats from both sides of the grave. While dealing with a ghost who wants revenge, a sheriff who wants to lock them up and a thieving stranger who wants them out of town, the girls find themselves using their unique paranormal skills to investigate a century old secret that holds the key to the treasure.

Throw in a hunky bartender, of course, a mysterious stranger from their past and, a shotgun toting old timer, their trusty cat Belladonna who always knows just where to look if only the sisters would listen to her! and the girls soon discover that looking for buried treasure can be deadly. In a town where no one, including the ghosts, are what they seem, can the girls find the treasure before they end up in grave danger?

Dead Tide Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 3

Leighann Dobbs - For three hundred years, the Blackmoore house has harbored a valuable secret. And she has a secret of her own. Will the blackmoore sisters be able to figure out where the treasure is and get to it before the dead tide turns and hides it for another three hundred years? The blackmoore sisters learn about this secret from the dying lips of the historian they hired to decipher their centuries old family journal.

Oh, and did i mention the dark and mysterious stranger that keeps showing up--is he friend or foe? Of course, their trusty cat, Belladonna is around to give them a helping hand when they need it . Too bad he never gets the chance to tell them exactly what he has uncovered. Or where to find it. But someone else knows where to find it, and they are prepared to take it from the Blackmoore’s no matter what the cost.

Dead Tide Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 3 - The sisters are forced to put their newly discovered paranormal powers to the test as they fight off treasure stealing pirates in between figuring out clues from ghosts, finding their way through an underground maze and dodging quicksand, decoding an old journal, bottomless pits and whirlpools.

Dead & Buried Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 2

- Unless you find a mysterious dead body, a hunky ex-boyfriend shows up and you start getting instructions from ghostly relatives. That’s exactly what happens to Morgan Blackmoore. Summers in the seaside town of Noquit Maine are quiet and relaxing. Will morgan outwit the treasure hunters and find the real killer before Sheriff Overton puts her in jail? And what about Luke, is he really a good guy or just after the treasure himself?This is Book 2 in the Blackmoore Sisters cozy mystery series.

Suddenly, she finds herself in a race against time as she’s launched into a dangerous treasure hunt that pits her against modern day pirates who think she has the key to a three hundred year old secret. To complicate matters even more, one of her sisters keeps talking to the ghost of their dead grandmother, another has crystals with unusually powerful healing properties and her cat has an uncanny habit of showing up in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Dead & Buried Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 2 - Not to mention that her ex-boyfried, suddenly shows up in town after ten years of being overseas and claims to want to help her fight off these deadly pirates, Luke Hunter, but Morgan finds herself fighting her attraction to him instead.

Blackmoore Sisters Cozy Mysteries Box-Set Books 1-5

- Blackmoore sisters cozy mysteries Box-Set Books 1-5A three-hundred year old mystery, four magical sisters and a cat. The blackmoore sisters discover their paranormal powers as they find themselves scrambling to find a real killer while they battle a crooked Sheriff, planted evidence, and a long list of suspects that all had a reason to kill.

This is a box-set of the first five books in the Blackmoore Sisters Cozy Mystery series. Books include:dead wrongDead & BuriedDead TideBuried SecretsDeadly Intentions.

Paws and Effect Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series Book 4

- Don't miss book #4 in the usa today bestselling mystic Notch Series! ***Three hundred years ago, accused witch Hester Warren buried a magical box in Mystic Notch. The secret contents within have the power to bring disaster to the town and when the box is dug up at a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Mystic Notch Historical Museum, Hester's ghost and that of her cat make an appearance to warn the humans and enlist their help to ensure the box doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Too bad the only one listening is Pandora, the cat. Pandora soon finds herself on a treacherous path, battling humans and cats alike where secrets are revealed and alliances which previously seemed impossible are made. But when one cat makes the ultimate sacrifice for the good of Mystic Notch, Pandora realizes things are not what they seem and is forced to make a decision that could put her own life at risk.

Paws and Effect Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series Book 4 - This mystic notch adventure is a little shorter than the others and almost entirely from the cat Pandora's point of view! It's a standalone mystery, but it will be a lot more fun for you if you read at least one of the previous Mystic Notch books first as there are some secrets revealed about the characters and you'll enjoy it more if you already know them.

Probable Paws Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series Book 5

- He's acting almost as if he's investigating a murder, but Adelaide died of natural causes. Luckily, willa's cat pandora is looking out for her and enlists the aid of the other cats of Mystic Notch who will stop at nothing to ensure Willa's safety as well as the recovery of the book. Middle-aged bookstore owner Willa Chance is often haunted by ghosts who want her to do their bidding.

Usually it involves the nasty business of bringing their killer to justice, so when the ghost of Adelaide Hamilton asks her to find an old recipe book and give it to Elspeth Whipple, it seems like an easy job. Except willa's search for the book has her crossing the path of Sheriff Eddie Striker one too many times for comfort.

Probable Paws Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series Book 5 - Didn't she?when it turns out adelaide's entire family had means, opportunity, motive, Willa's search becomes dangerous, and she finds herself matching wits with a cold-blooded killer that wants the same thing she does. Even if it takes a little bit of magic.

Brownies, Bodies and Bad Guys Lexy Baker Cozy Mystery Series Book 5

- When a retired mobster ends up murdered and one of her grandmother’s best friends is the last one to see him alive, Lexy Baker can kiss her plans to spend an uneventful summer dreaming about her upcoming wedding to detective Jack Perillo good-bye. Lexy agrees to help her grandmother's octogenarian Ladies' Detective Club solve the murder.

But she doesn't count on sneaking into crime scenes, interviewing kooky relatives, and following thugs around town. But while lexy is busy juggling her bakery, her grandmother, and the hunky F. B. I. Agent sent to investigate the murder, Jack seems to be spending a lot of time with his shapely, blonde ex-girlfriend who suddenly arrives in town.

Brownies, Bodies and Bad Guys Lexy Baker Cozy Mystery Series Book 5 - Will lexy be able to catch the killers and discover the real secret about Jack's ex before it’s too late? .