Of Spice and Men: A Pancake House Mystery

Alibi - Lights. With Christine inside. And as the horror spills over from the silver screen, Marley gets a funny feeling that she may be the killer’s next victim. Bonus content: includes original recipes inspired by the Flip Side Pancake House menu! With a Hollywood film crew in town to shoot a remake of the horror classic The Perishing, the residents of Wildwood Cove are all abuzz.

. Camera. After all, the head makeup artist, the crew loves Marley’s crêpes—so much so that Christine, invites her onset for a behind-the-scenes tour. It seems that everyone has a hidden agenda—and a plausible motive. Murder? wildwood cove’s star turn is soured by a sneaky killer in this delicious cozy mystery from the USA Today bestselling author of The Crêpes of Wrath.

Of Spice and Men: A Pancake House Mystery - Marley’s boyfriend insists that the actress is innocent, but when Marley sticks her nose into the complicated lives of The Perishing’s cast and crew, she discovers more questions than answers. Sarah fox’s addictive pancake house mysteries can be enjoyed together or à la carte: the cRÊPES OF WRATH | FOR WHOM THE BREAD ROLLS | OF SPICE AND MEN.

. The cops quickly rule Christine’s death a murder, and Alyssa a suspect. But when marley arrives, the special-effects trailer is on fire. Even marley mckinney, alyssa jayde, can overlook the fact that the lead actress, owner of The Flip Side Pancake House, happens to be an old flame of her boyfriend.

For Whom the Bread Rolls: A Pancake House Mystery

Alibi - Since taking over the flip side restaurant, adopted a cat named Flapjack, she’s made a few close friends, and started dating her childhood crush. The only cloud on the horizon is local nuisance Ida Winkler, who blames Marley for landing her nephew in prison. Clearing her good name is going to be a tall order, but Marley’s not about to let Ida keep ruining her life—especially from beyond the grave.

From the usa today bestselling author of The Crêpes of Wrath comes another decadent cozy mystery. The police can’t do much about the pranks, so Marley sets out to bury the hatchet once and for all. After stumbling across ida’s dead body, Marley’s suddenly the number-one suspect in her murder. Bonus content: includes original recipes inspired by the Flip Side Pancake House menu! Tourist season’s in full swing in the small seaside town of Wildwood Cove, and Marley McKinney couldn’t be happier.

For Whom the Bread Rolls: A Pancake House Mystery - Trying to get a rise out of Marley, Ida’s been making crank calls and even vandalizing the pancake house. This time, pancake house owner Marley McKinney is tangling with a salty troublemaker. But someone’s beat her to it—in the most shocking way possible. And a ravenous killer.

The Crêpes of Wrath: A Pancake House Mystery

Alibi - Throw in some delicious-sounding recipes and a little romance, and this was an all-around wonderful cozy mystery. The book’s the thing “Cute, action-packed, and engaging. Reading is my superpower “The writing was superb and the plot line was really well developed. Melina’s book blog “the crêpes of wrath is an intriguing whodunit tale that has enough quirky characters, and surprising twists and turns, a growing list of suspects, witty banter and humor, drama, secrets, that it will easily keep you guessing the identity of the murderer.

Jersey girl book reviews “A wonderful introduction to a brand new cozy mystery series. Book babble “the crêpes of wrath is a delightful, intelligent book that proves to be a great start in a new series. Cozy up with kathy “this is a new cozy series and I think it is going to be a winner. Storeybook Reviews.

The Crêpes of Wrath: A Pancake House Mystery - Usa today bestseller • in the debut of a delightful cozy mystery series, Sarah Fox introduces a charming new heroine who finds herself in a sticky situation: stacking pancakes, pouring coffee, and investigating murder. Bonus content: includes original recipes inspired by the Flip Side Pancake House menu! When Marley McKinney’s aging cousin, is hospitalized with pneumonia, Jimmy, she agrees to help run his pancake house while he recovers.

But if she’s not careful, she’s going to get burned by a killer who’s only interested in serving up trouble. Praise for the crêpes of Wrath “A very cute start to a new cozy mystery series. It’s one of those cozy locales that’s a character itself.

Yeast of Eden A Pancake House Mystery Book 4

Lyrical Underground - Winter has come to wildwood Cove, and riding in on the chill is Wally Fowler. Marley isn’t surprised when the authorities sniff around The Flip Side for a motive, but it’s her best friend Lisa who gets grilled, given her sticky history with the victim. Marley’s afraid that she’s next in line to die—and the way things are looking, the odds of surviving her investigation could be stacked against her.

Although he’s been away for years, not friends—by pitting his hot and trendy Waffle Kingdom against Marley McKinney’s cozy pancake house, establishing his reputation as the self-proclaimed Waffle King, the wealthy blowhard has returned to the coastal community to make money, The Flip Side. Wally doesn’t see anything wrong in a little healthy competition, until he’s murdered in his own state-of-the art kitchen.

Yeast of Eden A Pancake House Mystery Book 4 - In usa today bestselling author sarah fox’s delicious new Pancake House Mystery, it’s up to Marley McKinney to discover the waffle truth behind a rival’s murder. Includes pancake recipes right from The Flip Side menu! When a second murder rocks the town, it makes it harder than ever for Marley to clear Lisa’s name.

Full Bodied Murder Rose Avenue Wine Club Mystery Book 1

Kensington - Unfortunately, she finds nothing but red at the Wine Club meeting—and judging by the dead woman lying face down in the backyard, it’s not spilled merlot. From the moment she arrives at her new digs on cozy Rose Avenue, she looks forward to joining the neighborhood ladies for their weekly Wine Club gathering.

As the newest member of the Rose Avenue Wine Club, Halsey wants to expand her palate—not solve murders. Enlisting the eclectic talents of the Wine Club ladies, Halsey searches for the true criminal at large. Halsey accidentally stumbled into the wrong address at the wrong time, and with suspicions about her past on the rise, she must prove that she isn’t a killer.

Full Bodied Murder Rose Avenue Wine Club Mystery Book 1 - But when a neighbor is found dead, it’s up to her to pair the culprit with a deadly crime. But separating friends from foes isn’t easy on Rose Avenue, and as she racks up a suspect list, Halsey can’t shake the feeling that someone in her inner circle has a taste for murder. Leaving behind a failed marriage, new Yorker Annie “Halsey” Hall is ready to begin the next phase of her life in coastal Southern California.

The Uninvited Corpse A Food Blogger Mystery Book 1

Kensington - Hope’s schedule is already jam packed with recipe testing and shameless plugs for her food blog as she rushes off to attend a spring garden tour in the charming town of Jefferson, Connecticut. One of the tour guests committed murder, and all eyes are on Hope’s older sister, at best, Claire Dixon—who, saw Peaches as a professional rival.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the perfectly arranged potted plants that grab her attention—it’s the bloody body of reviled real estate agent Peaches McCoy. Includes recipes from Hope’s Kitchen! . But the closer she gets to the truth, the closer she gets to a killer intent on making sure her life goes permanently out of style.

The Uninvited Corpse A Food Blogger Mystery Book 1 - And suspicions really heat up when another murder occurs the following night. Leaving behind a failed career as a magazine editor and an embarrassing stint on a reality baking show, newly divorced lifestyle entrepreneur Hope Early thought things were finally on the upswing—until she comes face-to-face with a murderer.

Now, with two messy murders shaking Jefferson and all evidence pointing to Claire, Hope must set aside her burgeoning brand to prove her sister’s innocence.

Perilous Poetry A Book Barn Mystery 3

Lyrical Underground - While charli readies the barn for a stampede of new customers, it’ll take true grit to shelve the culprit before her brainy cousin gets locked behind bars, Ms. It’s all because of the book seekers, a smartphone app created by her cousin Jamal exclusively for Charli’s bookstore, which sends fans on a virtual scavenger hunt around town for a chance to meet the bestselling author.

But as soon as it goes live, people turn up dead. But when an ingenious advertising campaign puts her business on the map, it ropes in some deadly publicity. Charli rae warren doesn’t plan on striking it rich as the owner of an independent bookstore in Hazel Rock, Texas—especially one with a pink armadillo as its mascot.

Perilous Poetry A Book Barn Mystery 3 - . Barton backs out of the visit, and she finds herself up a creek—with a serial killer holding the paddle! Charli can’t believe writer lucy barton has agreed to promote her latest Midnight Poet Society novel at The Book Barn Princess—or that there’s only a week-and-a-half to prepare for the signing.

. Someone’s using the book seekers to track victims and copycat the fictional Midnight Poet Society homicides, and horrified locals suspect Jamal could be the mastermind behind the crimes.

Murder with a Cherry on Top A Lickety Splits Mystery Book 1

Kensington - As she pieces together clues to a chilling scandal, Kate soon realizes that she’ll need way more than a sprinkle of wit if she wants to expose the killer and live to see another sundae. Worse, the murder occurs right after the two rivals drew crowds with a heated argument, leaving half of Wolfert’s Roost speculating that Kate was finally pushed over the edge.

. But before ashley can kill Kate’s new business, someone kills Ashley—stabbing her to death inside the bakery. But when she moves back to care for her ailing grandmother, Kate decides to start fresh and indulge her dream of running an ice cream shop. All goes smoothly—until she’s reunited with old acquaintances nuttier than a vat of rocky road.

Murder with a Cherry on Top A Lickety Splits Mystery Book 1 - . With rumors swirling and her reputation in serious trouble, Kate is determined to get the real scoop on the crime—even if it means joining forces with a former flame. Instead her spirits melt like soft serve in the summer when she learns that her childhood frenemy, Ashley Winthrop, has started selling frozen treats in the bakery across the street.

. Includes mouthwatering ice cream recipes from the Lickety Splits Ice Cream Shoppe! . Kate mckay had doubts about swapping her high-powered life in Manhattan for Wolfert’s Roost, the quaint Hudson Valley village where she grew up.

A Riesling to Die The Wine Trail Mysteries Book 1

Lyrical Underground - . Bed and breakfast owner elsbeth Waters complains to everyone who’ll listen that the local wineries are bad for her business. With an experienced staff doing the work, Norrie figures Two Witches Winery will run itself while she enjoys the countryside and writes in peace and quiet. Unfortunately, there’s a sour grape in the town of Penn Yan who doesn’t care for vineyards.

Norrie ellington is a successful screenwriter living in New York City. She’s also been a silent partner for her family’s winery upstate—until her sister and brother-in-law take a year-long sabbatical. But when elsbeth’s body is found on norrie’s property, the victim of foul play, the screenwriter-turned-vintner dons a sleuthing cap to uncover the identity of a killer who told the B&B proprietress to put a cork in it—permanently.

A Riesling to Die The Wine Trail Mysteries Book 1 - First in a new series!   a deadly search for sour grapes.

Death by the Sea A By the Sea Mystery Book 1

Lyrical Underground - . Praise for kathleen bridge “a delightful sneak peek into life in the Hamptons, with intricate plotting and a likeable, down-to-earth protagonist. Maybe this is simply a jewel theft gone wrong, but maybe someone—or many people—wanted the hotel’s prosperous guest dead. National bestselling author Kathleen Bridge presents a delightful new series set on a barrier island where waves meet sand—and mayhem meets murder.

A promising start to a promising series. Suspense magazine on better homes and corpses “the descriptions of furniture and other antiques, as well as juicy tidbits on the Hamptons, make for entertaining reading for those who enjoy both antiques and lifestyles of the rich and famous. Booklist on better homes and corpses   “ghostal living is a marvelously entertaining tale of revenge, quirky characters—and disappearing books! With a clever protagonist, and plot twists on top of plot twists, wonderful details of life in the Hamptons, murder, Kathleen Bridge will have mystery readers clamoring for more.

Death by the Sea A By the Sea Mystery Book 1 - Kate carlisle, New York Times bestselling author. Only one thing is sure: there’s a killer at the indialantic, and if Liz lets herself be distracted—by her troubled past or the tempting man who seems eager to dredge it back up—the next reservation she’ll book could be at the cemetery. When liz holt returns home after an intense decade in new york, she’s happy to be surrounded by the eccentric clientele and loving relatives that populate her family-run inn, and doubly pleased to see the business is staying afloat thanks to its vibrant shopping emporium and a few very wealthy patrons.

The indialantic by the sea hotel has a hundred-year-old history on beautiful Melbourne Beach, Florida, and more than a few guests seem to have been there from the start. But that patronage decreases by one when a filthy rich guest is discovered dead in her oceanfront suite.

Who Moved My Goat Cheese? A Farm-to-Fork Mystery Book 1

Lyrical Underground - Fortunately, the cantankerous Moss takes a shine to Angie, as does his kid goat Precious. So when angie hears the bloodcurdling news of foul play at the dairy farm, she jumps in to mind the man's livestock and help solve the murder. With three weeks until opening night for their restaurant, the County Seat, Angie and her best friend and business partner Felicia are scrambling to line up local vendors—from the farmer's market to the goat dairy farm of Old Man Moss.

Angie turner hopes her new farm-to-table restaurant can be a fresh start in her old hometown in rural Idaho. Praise for lynn cahoon's tourist trap mysteries   “Murder, dirty politics, pirate lore, and a hot police detective: Guidebook to Murder has it all! A cozy lover’s dream come true. Susan mcbride, author of the debutante Dropout Mysteries   “Lynn Cahoon has created an absorbing, good fun mystery in Mission to Murder.

Who Moved My Goat Cheese? A Farm-to-Fork Mystery Book 1 - Fresh Fiction. One thing's for sure, there's no whey Angie's going to let some killer get her goat. But when a goat dairy farmer is murdered, Angie must turn the tables on a bleating black sheep.