King of The City 3: Even Gangstas Fall in Love

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - From baby mama drama to something more serious when someone is taken from him and held for ransom. They just go round and around until someone dies and ends it all. King is starting to feel the pressure that comes with being a boss. All in all, lines are crossed and time is up. It all must end at the deadline.

Ty finds himself a free man and caught up in more drama than ever before when past secrets are revealed and threatens the life of his kids. The vendettas don't stop.


King of The City 2: Even Gangstas Fall in Love

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - What do you do when everything you’ve ever believed to be the truth is proven to be a lie? Sometimes, your enemies are closer than you think and blood ain't always thicker then water. Not only is he dealing with his wrongs, but also the sins of his father. On top of everything, he’s trying to find a way to juggle love in the mist of mayhem.

. What's done in the dark will find its way to the light. Eventually. King's old demons seem to have a way of coming back to haunt him. With his new found position, he’s beginning to feel the weight of the world on his shoulders. Nothing is going according to plan, and, soon, he questions everyone around him.


King of The City: Even Gangstas Fall in Love

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - Each wall she built, he tore down. Unbeknown to her, Kings only wish is the total opposite. Clearly, he’s no good for her but it’s something about him that keeps her intertwined in his world. Roxanne’s only wish is to turn his cold heart warm. But no matter how much of a screw up she was, he understood that this life only gives you one mother.

After her death and a domino effect of other unfortunate situations, he packs up and moves to Texas with his step-mother and sister. With his good looks and slick tongue comes much deeply rooted pain. Until she meets King. There he finds more chaos but still manages until circumstances forces his hand, and he’s forced to finish what his father started over twenty-one years ago.

King of The City: Even Gangstas Fall in Love #ad - Roxanne has everything that she needs in life but not everything that she wants. At a young age, he found himself raising his junkie mother when she was supposed to be the one providing love and care to him. How to love a gangsta? Rule number one…you don’t. Brooklyn native, king Gibbs is the son of a ruthless ex-kingpin and proves to be just as deadly.

Every rule that she had, he broke.


When A Rich Thug Loves the Nanny

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - Would patricia put her hurt aside to help landon out knowing she needs a job? will Landon be able to break down the wall Patricia have around her heart when it comes to him and let him in? Will Patricia be able to forgive Landon for the pain he caused her? Come hell or high water, Landon will soon finds out how it is when he loves the nanny.

Life took a turn for the worst when Millionaire Tycoon Landon caught his wife cheating on him with someone, he considered a friend. Needing a place to stay and a job, she turned to her brother. When landon’s best friend told him about someone who could help him take care his kids, Landon jumped at the chance of meeting the person.

When A Rich Thug Loves the Nanny #ad - Not only does landon wants patricia to be there taking care his kids, he also wants her in his life—his bed and his heart. Not knowing it was his first love. Fresh out of jail, headstrong Patricia is ready to get her life back together after losing a year of it behind bars. Now a single father, landon didn’t know who to turn to when it comes to taking care his kids for him when he’s a working man.

Shocked, guilt, and regret filled Landon at once when he laid eyes on Patricia again after what he did to her nearly 5 years ago.


When A Rich Thug Still Loves the Nanny

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - Realizing he needed noelle in his life more than anything, Cyan stops at nothing to make sure Noelle is back in his heart, his arms, and his home where she belonged. Finding their way back to each other took the two on a whirlwind of emotions. Noelle didn’t take rejection too well, and she had to do what was best for her, no matter how much she loved the person.

Problem after problem hit the two all at once. Moving on from the man she loved was the hardest thing she ever had to do. She had to think about herself above anyone else. Facing his problems, will his anger cause him to lose the woman he fought so hard to get back? Will Noelle be able to forgive Cyan for all he’s done to make sure she’s hurt to the core? How would the two of them handle their problems while having obstacles hitting them in every direction they turn?

When A Rich Thug Still Loves the Nanny #ad - Now finding out the man she’s with will put her life in danger had her running to the hills and looking for a way to be rescued. How far would you go to protect your peace? how far would you go to realize your peace is with the one you love the most? Cyan found out the hard way when he pushed the woman he loved out of his life and into the arms of another man.

When a situation comes knocking at cyan’s front door, he had to tackle it with an iron-fist to the chest, which knocked him off his game and pushed him further over the edge.


The Santana Brothers 3

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - If the pain of her mother being gone isn't bad enough, Keila finds herself between a rock and a hard place when her true identity is exposed and the world demands to know who is Keila Santana and where is Keith. Ingo santana was once the black sheep of the family but them days are long gone. His lover, is still missing, Maliyah, forcing him to live up to his last name.

He's put in a position to be the father that he never had to a broken person. The santana brother are back for the final rodeo and the bull came wrecking!Ivy Santana just dodged a huge bullet when a witness fails to identify him. Will the pressure make the Santana family stronger or will it relentlessly crush them into pieces?

The Santana Brothers 3 #ad - After solving one problem, just to dive into another, he finds himself falling for a cop. Everything is looking up for until he gets expecting news that threatens to flip his world upside down. No longer is he the soft spoken rapper. This brings out a side of Islah that he never even knew existed. Keila santana, also known as Keith, still wants answers about her mothers disappearance.

Ivy soon finds out that everything isn't what it seems and contemplates reverting back to being hardhearted. Islah santana is adjusting to the new world just fine.


Fell For The Plug Next Door

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - After xavier delivers another powerful blow to her heart, Ivy has no interest in sticking around to save her sunken marriage. She dedicated four years of her life to a man who lied, cheated, and walked all over her heart. At the age of twenty-four years old, she should have been wild and living her best life.

After a frustrating day at work, turn on his TV, all Zane wanted to do was go home, and relax. When she parks her u-haul in her neighbor's assigned spot, she comes face to face with the sexiest man on God’s green Earth. Since his junior year in high school, Zane worked the streets of Detroit, and now he was leaving his ruthless ways behind him and focusing on his upholstery shop.

Fell For The Plug Next Door #ad - When the past can't let you go, secrets are put to the forefront, and enemies are watching your every move, can Ivy and Zane survive the madness? . The inevitable occurs, and Ivy and Zane are forced to face the elephant in the room. For years, she stayed in a marriage that held no value or substance. He notices his new neighbor, and instantly, he is mesmerized by her good looks and perfect body.

After a run in that leaves both Ivy and Zane wanting to do more than just borrow a cup of sugar, they avoid each other as much as possible. Ivy was fed up with her marriage, and with good reason. He had been with a few women here and there, but not anyone who could potentially capture his heart.


The St. Croix Cartel

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - Growing up under their father’s rule and watchful eye, they’ve learned everything they need to know about running their family business. Meet cross, Saint, and Priest St. With their wives by their side they go through the ups and downs of being father’s, husbands, and Kingpins. It's not easy being the wife of a St.

Croix and these women experience the highs and lows of being married to these powerful men. All is fair when it comes to love but when it comes to war in the streets there’s no love or rules when it comes to the The St. Three brothers on a mission to solidify their rightful place in the drug game. Croix Cartel.

The St. Croix Cartel #ad - Lies and Betrayal threaten to dismantle their empire. Heaven, ketura, and rasheeda have the daunting task of holding down the home front while dealing with husbands that’s fighting battles seen and unseen. Croix. Despite being one of the biggest drug cartels they have family secrets.


The St. Croix Cartel 2

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - With rasheeda writing a tell all book about their life they’ve become more of roommates instead of husband and wife. In order to save their family he must eliminate the enemy that can bring down their empire. They will all learn that sometimes the family you create is more powerful than the family you come from.

Croix family is back with more drama, secrets, and treachery coming at them from all angles. She’s lost within herself because she doesn’t know who she is. The trauma and pain she has endured at the hands of Yasir has her acting out of character. Her behavior has created a barrier between her and Cross that may end their relationship before they get the happily ever after they both deserve.

Of course with trouble already brewing in his life from Shayla it’s hard to even find a moments time to realize just how much his wife needs him. A miracle happens that will reunite them. Being kidnapped by yasir has taken a toll on Heaven and she must fight the mental battle of a lifetime to find the woman Cross fell in love with.

The St. Croix Cartel 2 #ad - Before they can rejoice they must dig deep to find the powerful love that brought them together when they first met. Croix brothers have to come to terms with the imminent threat in the streets that’s pouring over into the homes they share with the women who vowed to stand ten tows down. Just when they thought Prentiss was gone to prison for life he’s out.

Croix is still fighting to find his baby momma Shayla and their daughter Sienna.


Bride of a Hustla 1-3

Lock Down Publications #ad - But when two notorious killers are on the hunt for sasha, will he keep his word and defend her at any cost? Or is the price too much for him to pay? QUAMAE has started a new life with GIGI and he couldn’t be happier. With a solid plan in place to destroy Sasha's new found happiness, Quamae sets out to recapture his wife's heart, by any means necessary.

Will sasha betray blue and go back to the man who hurt her so much? or will she reject quamae's attempt to win her back, and force him to show her that he truly meant a certain part of their wedding vows--until death do us apart? Or will Blue's mask finally come off and expose his deceit, leaving poor Sasha only one option AFTER THE PAIN?

Sasha can’t believe her good fortunes when Quamae falls head over heels in love with her and wants to make her his bride. Sasha is swept off of her feet by Quamae’s intoxicating addiction to her and soon their love is an inferno. During this hellish journey, friendships are lost, tears are cried and lives are taken.

He vows that his love is now her protection and he’ll kill anyone if it means keeping her safe. He’s finally about to go legit, until he receives some devastatingly bad news that could land him in prison with a life sentence, which forces him to remain connected in the deadly dope game he’s so desperate to leave.

Bride of a Hustla 1-3 #ad - But sasha is keeping secrets that will ultimately force her to commit the ultimate betrayal. When circumstances test the strength of their vows, will quamae’s love prove to be unconditional or will the truth destroy their bond and cause him to punish her in a way that he usually reserves for his enemies in the streets? With so much hanging in the balance, Sasha will learn that being the BRIDE OF A HUSTLER can bring joy and pain.


Wifed Up by A cold Hearted Hustla

Talehia Presents #ad - Only she got more than she bargained for. Tall, dark, handsome, and paid. Kojo was every woman’s dream and had been since he’d been in the streets. Thinking all women are the same, until he runs into a striking beauty at the club. Taking each other for a surprise, they both tried something out of their element only to yearn for the feelings they felt that night.

Putting them behind him, he ventures out to do something he’s always wanted to do, produce music. Bodies will drop, and family will turn to foe and they will be left with one question, blood will shed, will Kojo and Tajanai’s love remain the same after the dust settles? . With more popularity, and the ones closest betray him, more women that flock, but he handles it accordingly.

Wifed Up by A cold Hearted Hustla #ad - Not only does he start to produce, but he becomes a popular producer in the music industry. Kojo is no stranger to drama, so when chaos ignites, he goes back in guns blazing. Finally acting on what they feel for each other, they decide to take a step further than what was supposed to be a one-time thing. Tajanai “janai” had been through nothing but heartbreak for the last few years.

Finally deciding enough is enough after losing the only person she held near her heart, she decided to leave her old life behind. Only problem is, just when janai thought her life was going great, a blast from the past decide to wreak havoc on her new journey. Heading back to her hometown with her best friend, she finishes her career goals and celebrates a night out with her best friend in hopes to try something spontaneous.