I Still Believe: Leading Bible Scholars Share Their Stories of Faith and Scholarship

Zondervan - With this in mind, this book asks prominent Bible teachers and scholars to tell their story reflecting on their own experiences at the intersection of faith and serious academic study of the Bible. While the essays of this book will provide some apology for academic study of the Bible as an important discipline, the essays engage with this question in ways that are uncontrived.

To this end, the contributors do two things: a reflect on their lives as someone who teaches and researches the Bible, and what challenges have arisen, providing something of a story outlining their journey of life and faith, and are unresolved, remained, and their self-understanding as a biblical theologian; and b provide focused reflections on how faith has made a difference, how it has changed, all with a view toward the future and engaging the book’s main question.

I Still Believe: Leading Bible Scholars Share Their Stories of Faith and Scholarship - Engaging the book’s main question. Far from it—faith enhances study of the Bible and, reciprocally, such study enriches a person’s faith. I still believe  explores the all-important question of whether serious academic study of the Bible is threatening to one’s faith. They present real stories, with all the complexities and struggles they may hold.

Knowing Christ

WaterBrook - It is a work of spirituality saturated with biblical texts and themes, but it also draws on the rich tradition in art and literature of Christian reflection on the centrality of Christ throughout the ages. The result is a lively, and always inspiring book of twenty-first century spirituality from one of the world's most popular and respected Christian writers, engaging, a book that will strengthen the faith of all who read it.

Alister mcgrath, the centrality of christ in the life of his followers, has written a profound meditation on one of the most deceptively simple-sounding tenets of the Christian faith, a widely acknowledged master of contemporary spirituality, in Knowing Christ. Written in an accessible style that will appeal to christians of all denominations, more important, Knowing Christ aims to stimulate a more direct and intimate relationship between Christ and the reader by engaging not just the intellect but, the heart and imagination.

Amazing Truths: How Science and the Bible Agree

Zondervan - Are science and religion hopelessly at odds with one another in their view of truth?  Not if you read physicist Michael Guillen’s new book on truth, scientific and religious, which shows that the two sources of truth, are not opposed but in surprising agreement.

The Faith

Zondervan - Rightly understood and rightly communicated, the Christian faith is one of great joy. It is the most important book chuck colson and Harold Fickett have ever written: a thought-provoking, soul-searching, and powerful manifesto of the great, historical central truths of Christianity that have sustained believers through the centuries.

. Brought to immediacy with vivid, redemption, true stories, here is what Christianity is really about and why it is a religion of hope, and beauty. It is an invitation to god’s kingdom, where tears are replaced by laughter and longing hearts find their purpose and their home. But have we truly grasped this? those of us who have disdained christianity as a religion of bigotry—have we repudiated the genuine article or merely demonstrated our own prejudice and ignorance? Those of us who are Christians—have we deeply apprehended the mission of Jesus, and all that lies between, to the work of Jesus, to God’s coming kingdom, to the human condition, and do our ways and character faithfully reflect his beauty? From the nature of God, how well do we understand the foundational truths of Christianity and their implications? The Faith is a book for our troubled times and for decades to come, for Christians and non-Christians alike.

The Faith - This is the heart of the gospel: God’s search to reclaim us and love us as his own.

Finding God in Unexpected Places: Revised and Updated

WaterBrook - Finding god in unexpected places takes readers from ground Zero to the Horn of Africa, and each stop along the way reveals footprints of God, touches of his truth and grace that prompt readers to search deeper within their own lives for glimpses of transcendence. Whether finding god among the newspaper headlines, or on the job, within the church, Yancey delves deeply into the commonplace and surfaces with rich spiritual insight.

The traces of god can be found in the most unexpected places--an atlanta slum, a health club in Chicago--yet many Christians have not only missed seeing God, the plays of Shakespeare, a pod of whales off the coast of Alaska, the prisons of Peru and Chile, they’ve overlooked opportunities to make him visible to those most in need of hope.

Finding God in Unexpected Places: Revised and Updated - In this enlightening book author philip Yancey serves as an insightful tour guide for those willing to look beyond the obvious, pointing out glimpses of the eternal where few might think to look.

On Calvary's Hill: 40 Readings for the Easter Season

Thomas Nelson - A plan begun before Adam felt heaven's breath, and now all heaven waits and watches. A cross-beam leans against a shed wall. Join bestselling author Max Lucado in an exploration of the final days in the life of Christ. Only this is no play; it's a divine plan. Players and props. Hear the promise. All eyes are on one figure--the Nazarene.

Commonly clad. Uncommonly focused. Feel the passion. The props and players for Friday's drama are in position. Sense the truth. Five-inch spikes are in the bin. Death has no power. Draw near to the Savior and prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle ever conceived. It's early in the final week. He's on his final journey.

On Calvary's Hill: 40 Readings for the Easter Season - The players are nearing the stage--Pilate, Judas, Annas and Caiaphas, the centurions.

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism

Penguin Books - Timothy keller, and even ardent believers, addresses the frequent doubts that skeptics, the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, have about religion. To true believers he offers a solid platform on which to stand their ground against the backlash to religion created by the Age of Skepticism.

A new york times bestseller people can believe in—by "a pioneer of the new urban Christians" Christianity Today and the "C. S. Using literature, keller explains how the belief in a Christian God is, in fact, philosophy, real-life conversations, and potent reasoning, a sound and rational one. Lewis for the 21st century" Newsweek.

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism - And to skeptics, atheists, and agnostics, he provides a challenging argument for pursuing the reason for God.    .

The Lost Art of Intercession: Restoring the Power and Passion of the Watch of the Lord

Destiny Image - Over two hundred and fifty years ago, this verse was burned into the hearts of Moravian refugees in the tiny community of Herrnhut in eastern Germany. Author James W. When god s people send up the incense of prayer and worship, God will send down supernatural power, anointing, and acts of intervention. God is calling his warriors once again to mount the Watch of the Lord.

Now is the time to mount the walls with prayer and praise, and restore The Lost Art of Intercession. Bounds paints an inspiring picture of prophetic clarity and prayerful urgency that sound God s clarion call to His Church. Their commitment to restore the Watch of the Lord, through 24 hours of unbroken prayer and intercession continued for more than 100 years.

The Lost Art of Intercession: Restoring the Power and Passion of the Watch of the Lord - Goll combined with the writings of E. M.

How We Got the Bible

Baker Books - A classic guide for bible students, it has sold more than 300, 000 copies during its forty years in print. How and when did the books of the bible originate? in what sense are these books different from other books? How have these books been preserved and transmitted to us? Why do we have so many different translations of the Bible? How We Got the Bible provides factual, accessible answers to questions like these.

This thorough revision will tempt fans of the previous edition and pave the way for a new generation of readers as well. Now, in this new edition, each chapter has been revised and chapters have been added, including two on the Septuagint and the Latin Vulgate.

Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father's Questions about Christianity

David C Cook - Greg boyd and his father, Ed, were on opposite sides of a great divide. Whether you're a skeptic, a believer, these letters can provide a practical, or just unsure, common-sense guide to the Christian faith. Greg was a newfound Christian, while his father was a longtime agnostic. The letters tackle some of today's toughest challenges facing christianity, includingdo all non-Christians go to hell?How can we believe a man rose from the dead?Why is the world so full of suffering?How do we know the Bible was divinely inspired?Does God know the future?Each response offers insights into the big questions, while delivering intelligent answers that connect with both the heart and mind.

So greg offered his father an invitation: Ed could write with any questions on Christianity, and his son would offer a response. Letters from a Skeptic contains this special correspondence.

God's Story in 66 Verses: Understand the Entire Bible by Focusing on Just One Verse in Each Book

Thomas Nelson - Written over a span of fifteen hundred years, and completed nearly two millennia ago, God’s Word sometimes feels like a mishmash of stories and literary styles. Grasp god’s word in sixty-six easy verses The Bible can seem like a big, intimidating book—mysterious, archaic, and often hard to understand.

How can twenty-first-century readers—like you—make sense of it all? Author Stan Guthrie’s answer: begin by zooming in on one key verse for each of the Bible’s sixty-six books. Seeking to bring clarity and simplicity to the study of god’s word, guthrie has written a concise, from Genesis to Revelation—a verse that summarizes or lays the foundation for that book, easy-to-digest collection of wisdom anchored by one verse for each book, placing it in context with the rest of the Scriptures.

God's Story in 66 Verses: Understand the Entire Bible by Focusing on Just One Verse in Each Book - Read this book, and you’ll feel as if you’ve read the entire Bible—but you’ll also yearn to continue exploring its depths and mining its riches on your own.