Clifford Musical Memory Games

Scholastic 344347 - Afe you pu ogehe a of he isumes, eae you ow musi wihciffod's big bad!skis leaed memoy Liseig Foowig Dieios Pobems Sovig Logi & Reasoig Ceaiviy Pae Reogiio Mahig Souds Couig Addiio Subaio RhyhmPodu HighighsCouig, Addiio & SubaioCiffod eeds you hep o fid his way ou of he aves. Aage ma'sseps i igh ode ad he wi show you his bes moves.

P. Pay he igh sog fo hem, he ake a ide o hei boa o expoe he ohe side of Bidwe Isad. Pae reogiiociffod, ceo, ad T-Boe wa o ea how o dae ike Ma. Ge eady fo a deiiousewad whe you ae fiished. Logi & reasoigsamue ad Chaey miss he musi o hei adio. Foma reai jeweage 4 -6pafom win/macuse you thikig skis o Big Musi Bak oBidwe Isad!Podu IfomaioBig musi o Bidwe Isad afe a som beaks he adio owe.

Clifford Musical Memory Games - Joi ciffod ad his fieds as you make isumes, ea ew sogs, dae wih he dogs, hepso shes, ad moe. Pay he sog bakoey o wah he dophis fip!ceaiviyoe you make a isume, Caibbea, Jazz, Couy, use i o eae you ow musi i ay sye youhoose - Rok, o Sasa. Foowig dieiosa som has bow ove he adio owe ad ciffod, Ceo, ad T-Boe eed youhep o big musi bak o Bidwe Isad!Pobem SovigExpoe Bidwe Isad fo fu objes ha a be used o make isumes.

Afe you pu ogehe five isumes, eae musi wih Ciffod's bad. Rhyhm & ceaiviypaie hyhm wih Ceo ad T-boe a he bakey. Lise o he umbeof aima souds i eah ave o hoose he igh pah.

PC - Clifford the Big Red Dog Learning Activities

Scholastic 34397 - A popular magazine is looking for a special community of dogs to feature in their next issue and Clifford, and Cleo want to make a big impression! With Clifford Learning Activities, T-Bone, children develop important skills with Clifford and friends as they travel around Birdwell Island helping their neighbors and playing fun learning activities.

Once kids complete a scrapbook for the magazine containing snapshots of their skill-building adventures, they enjoy musical celebration at the pier! Three adjustable levels. Activities adapt according to your child's progress. Features popular characters and voices from the hit TV show. Comprehensive Parent's Guide.

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Phonics

Scholastic - Watched on PBS. Activities adapt according to your child's progress. Comprehensive Parent's Guide. Ages 4-6 Three adjustable levels. Features popular characters and voices from the hit TV show.