Cast Iron Baking

83 Press - Cast iron’s unrivaled ability to produce dry, even heat makes it a staple for time-honored recipes. Lacquered from years of suppers and desserts, the oldest cast iron relics are blackened and bubbled from open pit fires and hearth cooking. There’s simply no better way to bake fluffy loaves, crispy corn break, chewy cookies, or flaky pies.

Classic southern cast-iron breads and desserts nourish the body and feed the soul. Flavor seeps into cast iron’s porous surface, and years of loving use make it the original nonstick pan, perfect for gooey fillings and buttery toppings. Passed down through generations, every pan, skillet, pone tray, and Dutch oven tells a story.

Cast Iron Baking - You’ll find all these recipes and many others on the pages of Cast Iron Baking to delight and devour for years to come. Heavy with history, each carries glorious cooking traditions as readily as it sops up seasoning. Baking cornbread, pies, cobblers, biscuits, and upside-down cakes seasons skillets like nothing else can.

Bake from Scratch Vol 3: Artisan Recipes for the Home Baker

83 Press - Stunning full-color photography accompanies every recipe. With step-by-step technique tutorials and professional tips from our test kitchen, it’s the home baker’s ultimate resource and the essential guide to bringing artisan baking to your kitchen. Inside this hardcover volume featuring every baked good from the third year of Bake from Scratch magazine, you will find pages upon pages of quick breads and yeast breads, cookies, Bundt cakes and layer cakes, pastries, and more.

Bake from scratch is back in a new volume and it's huge! the 400+ pages are packed with delicious recipes that are sure to bring out the baker in all of us! This collection of recipes encompasses everything from the art of the Southern biscuit to a birthday cake blowout. Recipes are fall all baking skill levels.

Bake from Scratch: Volume Two: Artisan Recipes for the Home Baker

83 Press - This collection of recipes from the second year of the award-winning Bake from Scratch magazine features endless inspiration for home bakers. From the essential hot cross buns and coffee cakes to grilled South African breads and seasonal recipes for baking with strawberries, this hard-cover, plums, and more, rhubarb, high-quality cookbook is the go-to resource for those looking to bake artisan goods at home.

The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook: Comforting Family Recipes to Enjoy and Share

Rockridge Press - Timeless southern favorites, Classic Cast Iron CookingThere is nothing more American than southern cuisine cooked in cast iron. Learn maintenance tricks that ensure your cast iron will last a lifetime. The southern cast iron cookbook includes:100 american favorites―Learn to cook up beloved southern staples in over 7 chapters―breakfast, meat, bread and biscuits, fixin’s, poultry, seafood, and dessert.

Recipes for every kitchen―this cast iron cookbook keeps it simple with recipes that only call for a small selection of cast iron cookware. Caring for cast iron―keep your cookware in perfect condition with the help of detailed guides on seasoning, maintaining, and restoring cast iron. Bring real southern tastes home with The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook.

The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook: Comforting Family Recipes to Enjoy and Share - . From fried grits and biscuits with gravy to chicken fried steak and gumbo, The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook takes you on a tasteful tour of the south. Never cooked with cast iron? The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook shows you everything you need to know. Get tips for restoring old or heirloom cookware. Discover how simple proper seasoning really is.

Ultimate Pound Cakes: Classic Recipe Collection

Hoffman Media - Holidays, or weeknight suppers, these test-kitchen approved, special occasions, home-baked cakes are always a welcome surprise for family and friends. They also make fabulous gifts. The pound cake, and flour, chocolate, with its original recipe of a pound each of butter, eggs, has grown from its early 18th century English origin to a virtual variety of show of flavors with sour cream, sugar, caramel, and spice to name a few.

Pound cake is proof that something old can be new again. From tube cakes to mini loaves, this beautiful selection of recipes will enhance your table with delicious desserts for years to come! From heirloom recipes to current variations, the Ultimate Pound Cakes: Classic Recipe Collection of over 85 recipes will give you a treasure trove to choose from for years to come.

Tiny Book of Pecan Recipes Small Pleasures

Hoffman Media - With a buttery flavor and subtle crunch, the indigenous American pecan is fast becoming one of the most well-loved treats around the globe. Pecans add the perfect hint of nuttiness to everything from filling for sweet rolls and pies to the crust of salmon and pork loin. From the grove to your table, this longtime favorite will add a dazzle to your holiday desserts and side dishes, making recipes tasty and delicious.

Chopped, or left whole, sliced, these versatile nuts fit as well into breakfast and dinner as they do snacks and dessert―and everything in between. Just in time to plan your fall menus, the Tiny Book of Pecan Recipes is filled with more than 60 recipes that make the most of this seasonal nut.

Cake: Layered, Frosted, Sliced & Shared

83 Press - No celebration is complete without cake, and here are 100+ favorite recipes. Cake is a collection of delicious cake recipes that will spark your favorite baking memories. From quick-and-easy cake-mix makeovers to made-from-scratch heirloom showstoppers, there’s something sweet for every baker, no matter what skill level.

. What are you waiting for? preheat your oven, get out your mixer, and let’s bake a cake!These delicious recipes have been developed and created by Taste of the South and Southern Lady magazine teams.

The Bread Collection: Recipes for Baking Artisan Bread at Home

83 Press - From stunning strawberry-studded cucumber bread to a brilliant cardamom and cinnamon jam-filled Norwegian Julekake, you’ll find some of our favorites for every occasion as well as new recipes we can’t wait for you to bake. Savor this collection of recipes that have been shared across cultures and centuries,  an ode to the simple combination of flour, salt, water, and yeast.

So, put down the dough and pick up this book. Each chapter contains a guide to the techniques mastered in our test kitchen. The bread collection is the secret to beautiful loaves, fresh baguettes, and mouthwatering boules you’ve been waiting for. The first all-bread book from Bake from Scratch will be your go-to source for baking artisan bread for years to come.

The Bread Collection: Recipes for Baking Artisan Bread at Home - Welcome to your crash course in sourdough, flaky biscuits, and glorious dinner rolls that will upgrade your breadbasket. Learn the must-know secrets of our tastiest twist breads, perfect pull-apart breads, and other endless how-tos that will help you have a lifetime of baking success. Bread is the staple of almost every meal―a must-have dinner side, tried and true brunch item, eye-catching dessert, elegant teatime snack.

Bake from Scratch: Artisan Recipes for the Home Baker

83 Press - From the essential brioche and rye bread to a classic 1-2-3-4 cake with seasonal flavor variations and easy French gâteaux, this hard-cover, high-quality cookbook will be the go-to resource for those looking to bake artisan goods at home. This collection of recipes from the first year of Bake from Scratch magazine features endless inspiration for home bakers.

Southern Classics Five Ways: Traditional Recipes with Inspired Twists

Hoffman Media - When my grandmother fried chicken, she never…" "when my mother makes cheese straws, she always…" "My grandmother’s banana pudding was the best, because she added…” and so on and so forth. Precious as any antique sideboard or inherited engagement ring, they are heirlooms themselves; memories made on our palates and in our hearts, all while sitting around cozy kitchen tables or on quilts stretched out over sun-warmed lawns.

To southerners, recipes are very sacred things. Their "famous" recipes are our best food memories―ones we relive each time we stir their recipes together for our families and friends. If you love southern flavors and enjoy a good twist, this is the book for you. And while there’s nothing better than a bite of these handed-down recipes, their classic, iconic flavors are fun to play with in the kitchen.

Southern Classics Five Ways: Traditional Recipes with Inspired Twists - In southern classics: five ways, there’s classic banana pudding―but there’s also Banana Pudding Bars, Banana Pudding Cake, you’ll find traditional versions of your very favorite Southern recipes―but turn the page, and you’ll find some delicious surprises! Yes, and so much more. Packed with recipes for your favorite desserts, this collection of recipes is one you’ll cherish―not only for the memories it conjures up, sides, suppers, and snacks, but for the new ones it will encourage you to make in the kitchen.

When we get together and talk about food, our grandmothers and mothers are elevated to mythical deities.

Southern Biscuits & Quick Breads: Quick Comfort with Reinvented Southern Classics

83 Press - The best thing about biscuits is their versatility and hospitality. Southern biscuits & quickreads celebrates the humble and sacred art of home baking with more than 75 easy-to-follow, gorgeously photographed recipes that you can trust to yield delicious results every time. There’s simply nothing better to wake up to than that buttery, toasty scent.

Hot from the oven and halved to hold a pat of hastily melting butter, homemade biscuits are the best possible way to start any day. The allure of biscuits begins with their aroma, beckoning sleepyheads from their comfy beds on Saturday mornings. Bits of crispy bacon, shreds of sharp Cheddar cheese, tender sweet potato, or even melty chocolate chips―everyone is welcome at a biscuit party.

For lunch, or dessert, supper, there’s nothing that comes out of the kitchen that’s not made better by a biscuit. And when it comes to stir-ins, the limits are as wide as your appetite. Hoffman. Whether you’re craving a classic biscuit for breakfast, or a glorious blackberry cobbler for dessert, a savory biscuit-topped chicken pot pie for supper, this biscuit bible has the perfect recipe for you.

Southern Biscuits & Quick Breads: Quick Comfort with Reinvented Southern Classics - . Whether they’re slathered with butter and blackberry jam, or smothered with spicy sausage gravy, fillers, sandwiching a crispy piece of fried chicken, biscuits welcome any and all toppings, spreads, and flavors. While they’re beloved for breakfast, biscuits are perfectly at home on your plate any time of day, in every which way.